An open letter to our colleagues, students of european schools we are cooperating – Welcome to issue2!


Dear classmates and schools in Europe which participate in the European etwinnin gproject ,
We, students in Third Grade Second School of Kalymnos, are writing  to express to you our joy and enthusiasm to be working with school children from  Europe who participate in our European project;  ie. preparing  the second edition of our European newspaper.
So far each school has presented its site and its history, and so you have also learned about the history and culture of Greece and our island, Kalymnos, as well as us. But we want to give you some more information.
Initially Greece was characterized by a Mediterranean climate due to its geographical position. Central Greece has mountains and mountain ranges of a special beauty. In the north, Greece has evergreen forests, where animals such as wolves and bears live. In these mountains rows rushing rivers flow that irrigate fertile farmland. There are many people involved in these areas which yield much revenue. The other part of our country, in the East and South,consists of scattered islands and inlets, the beauty of which is an ideal tourist destination. The crystal-clear waters have rare fish. This, actually is based where is  the Greek economy and tourism.
Our island is an important tourist destination too as it is no full stop famous for its steep mountains which attract many tourists every summer.
We also get to talk about our school which is located in a hillside with evident cash. The greatest problem of our school is the housing problem. The course takes place in unseismic “shacks” as one might call constructs that replaced the old building which collapsed fifteen years ago. The building , unfortunately has to facilitate teachers and 225 students who however engage seamlessly with their lessons. Appart  from the lack of  normal building, the materials from which they are made of are so brittle that even the slightest can break. What’s more also, only onethird of the school’s  classrooms have interactive whiteboards and students of a and b class have move  them difficulty in attending lessons there since they do not have access to the internet.
More over a serious problem is the lack of a multiplex  room that could help the need for cultural events, thereby celebrating the holidays in the courtyard. You can imagine the difficulties we face at parties or events where are necessary tools such as projectors, microphones, space for tents, etc. preconditions. We have no gymnasium, chemistry lab, or video room either. Nothing can be done but at the present moment to address these problems directly as there is no way to find the money to rebuild  the school and equip it with the necessary resources and tools making in this way the learning process more functional.
Despite all of these, our school is one of the most active of our island. We have two yards, volleyball, football and basketball courts, a computer lab with 12 computers of very old technology. We have teachers willing to provide us with possible, exciting ways possible to “dive in the ocean of knowledge” as the title of  the newspaper says. We have a theater group that put on important plays for years, we participate in environmental projects with issues concerning the island, our group and 3 online newspapers : our school’s, two collaborative, a greek and a European one, ours, which involve all of us and already has good readability and following since the articles we write are accord to our activities that we all choose to work in every issue.

Unfortunately, our country is well -known  today through the current news of its economic problems, corruption and scandals. We aren’t proud of this. But we will not allow this bad state to discourage us. We can not forget what our country has offered to the civilized world: art, language, medicine, physics which began and flourished in Greece. Therefore behind the bad reports, please do look to find our beautiful country which fascinates its visitors with its landscapes, its sea, the blue sky and the warm smilesof the  hospitable inhabitants. The country of Xenios Zeus is one of the most exciting, friendly, tourist destinations. We are confident that as you look through popular magazines you will be enchanted by the steep and unfamiliar mountains, the sunsets and our emerald waters.

Despite these problems, we want to get away from the selfish self-pity state  and get to know you, work with you, to communicate, to share our problems and our high expectations for education. The conquest for  the quality of knowledge, putting together questions and striving  to find solutions to our common problems is the vision of educatian as formed by the imagination of the ancient Greeks who inspire our teachers today. Let’s strive together for a united peaceful and substantially stronger Europe. This will be done through the practice team.

We can socialize well, and interact with each other to acquire knowledge by discovering the culture of the countries they come from. Together we will review, dangerous or hostile stereotypes absurd prejudices and racist attitudes. We will join forces to succeed in convincing others we can be trusted. It will be exciting to communicate between us. Teachers through the curriculum etwinning already have managed to create the conditions for healthy minded antiracist. In this Website, developed programs will help in building a meaningful coexistence between countries of Europe and its inhabitants, especially among students.

My friends, please understand that despite the difficulties of our country and of our school, our communication promises a better future for Europe and the new generation of Europeans, the current students. So this should be exploited in the best way through collaboration we can learn about different cultures, cultural habits, customs and languages. Students will broaden spiritual horizons and create a bridge of friendship and communication between countries and schools which are participating in our project. Each school will “guide” the other in its own way of doing things through their cultural environment, manners, customs and habits.

We hope that through our collaboration a better understanding of each others’ countries with occur. We look forward to finding an opportunity to personally meet you. We await for your response via the comments section.

Our Best Regards,

2nd Junior High School of Kalymnos, Dodecanese, Greece.


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