2nd Junior High School of Kalymnos, Dodecanese, Greece – “Virgin Mary, named Mirtiotissa” by Themelina Kapella and Maria Zairi

μυρτιώτισσα παναγιά2Once upon a time, when the Turks held the Dodecanese and Kalymnos, many Kalymnians went towards the East (Turkey) with sailboats. They had there own homes and a lot of land. They were friends with the Turks and exchanged gifts. One day a Turk gave himself in a Kalymnian a package wrapped and he told him: “take it, and when you go to your island, open it to see what’s inside.” The Kalymnian got it. When he opened it he saw that it had a very beautiful picture of Our Lady, which was wrapped in twigs of myrtle. He did μυρτιώτισσα παναγιά1his cross, kissed the picture and put it in the shrine of his house. They had left the myrtles. Sorry to throw. It seemed that when it’ll be sin. This morning the metals took him myrtles in the chtima and planted. Catch them all and grew and the whole slope greening. There between myrtles later he built a church to put into the picture, who took the name “Mirtiotissa”. The landlord when he was at a trip to Russia dressed the icon with the coated silver. Many women donated their gold and hung in front of the Virgin Mary’s icon. All that the site was named “Myrties” from the bushes, myrtles, which took root and grew up by the grace of Mary. Every year celebrated on September 8, is the birthday of the Virgin Mary. And they were bringing then the old holy icon, because all the time they saved it at little Monastery of Mrs Vouvali, the Kalymnian Lady, which is down to the harbor on your right as you enter inside. Once the function go there again. Keep her two daughters and go on foot to honor her. They have to say that when you bring in Mirtiotissa is light, but when we get it back is very heavy, because she(the icon) wants to stay forever in her church.

It was offered it to us by Michael Roditis A3. We thank him very much.


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