2nd Junior High School of Kalymnos, Dodecanese, Greece – Saints Raphael, Nicholas, Irene and with them

rafaileirini1Type of holiday: Based Easter.
Two days after celebrating the Holy Easter.
Saints celebrate: St. Raphael (1410 – 1463), Agios Nikolaos (? – 1463), Agia Irini (1451-1463)
Saints Raphael, Nicholas and Irene among the chorus of saint martyrs especially those martyred almost immediately after the fall of Constantinople. Relating to the life we ​​know little. The first information about the existence of Saints history with miraculous and revelatory way since the year 1959 AD From an excavation made in Thermi Lesvos, discovered the tomb of an unknown person, who as revealed in continuous visions belonged to the martyr Saint Raphael, who was martyred along with Saint Osiomartyr Nicholas and St. Irene. The tomb and the relics of St. Nicholas was discovered on June 13, 1960 AD
The Saint Raphael came from the mills of Ithaca and born in the year 1410 AD His secular name was George Laskaris or Laskaridis and his father was called Dionysius. Before becoming a clergyman had a career in the Byzantine army and went so heavily. At the age of thirty-five years has seen an austere and venerable elder, John, who attracted to life in Christ. Some Christmas the elder descended from the place of his training to confession and communion soldiers and preached the Word of God. Then the officer George, when the old man again descended the Epiphany, said goodbye to their soldiers and followed him.
After shearing of a monk, ordained elder, but was also honored with the office of the dean and the chancellor. Together by the other revelations, Saint Raphael revealed that it was sent by the Ecumenical Patriarch in Hesperia, in the city of France called Morlai, to fulfill the mandate entrusted. This event took place shortly before the fall of Constantinople. Even revealed that preached the Word of the Gospel in Athens on the hill monument Filopapou.
rafaileirini2A few years before the fall of Constantinople, about the year 1450 AD, the saint found after wandering in Macedonia and he was a monk there.
Near St. Raphael was at that time Saint Nicholas as submissive. Nicholas became a monk and then ordained deacon. Considered Thessalonikefs in origin, although stating that he was born in a ragout of Media Asia Minor. However grew and grew up in Thessaloniki.
Once Constantinople fell to the Turks, who invaded Thrace rapids and finally abolished the Byzantine empire, fear of general persecution against Christians stood as an excuse to flee the Saint Raphael with his entourage from the port of Alexandroupolis in Mytilene . There inducted along with other monks in the old monastery of the Nativity of the Virgin, which was previously female and was built in Karyes hill near the village of Thermi. Abbot was elected then the Saint Raphael.
After several years, the year 1463 AD, Lesvos fell to the Turks, who in a raid at the monastery, arrested San Rafael and San Nicolas, on Holy Thursday of that year. Followed hard and relentless torture and Saint Raphael martyred for slaughter very hard way. They dragged him violently pulling him by the hair and beard, was hung from a tree, beat him brutally pierced with the war their bodies after the glow over high heat and eventually massacred by sawing through the mouth.
In some instances of Saint Raphael seems to be accompanied by many doryforoumenous so to speak, who go before this ascetic life in the monastery of Karyon, he said to those who saw them. Also revealed that this Monastery, which is female, suffered a raid by the rafaileirini3bloodthirsty pirates in the year 1235 AD During the raid that competed with the other monks for Christ the good race descended from the Peloponnese Reverend Olympia and her sister Euphrosyne. Olympia teleiothike athletically on 11 May of the year 1235 AD, appeared not with the great and miraculous Saint Raphael.
Saint Nicholas died after torture, cardiac arrest, tied to a tree.
With the Saints synathlise and just twelve years old damsel Irene, daughter of Kingdom notables Thermi, which occurs with them. This testified as follows: The wicked different religion of one hand cut off and then placed it in a jar, and burned a chaste virgin is, in the sight of miserable parents, who mourned moanful for the horrible death of their child.
With the Saints synemartyrisan mention the father of St. Irene, Basil, his wife Maria, in just five years old child Raphael, the niece to Helen, the teacher and the doctor Theodore Alexander, whose bones were found close to the tombs of saints, in separate graves. Their martyrdom occurred on Easter Tuesday, 9 April in the year 1463 AD
After miraculous hints of Saints Raphael, Nicholas and Irene, became known the existence of the remains and were shown the locations of their graves.

Reproduced from the website  http://www.saint.gr/214/saint.aspx


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