2nd Junior High School of Kalymnos, Dodecanese, Greece – Book Reviews – “Hot Math” of Teukros Michaelides

μαθηματικα΄επίκαιρα,βιβλιοBook Title: “MATHEMATICS CURRENT”




Publisher: POLIS, ATHINA3, 2007, reprinted, 2012

ISBN: 978-960-435-050-6


“Some news we accept passively. Either because the time of recruitment in our mind is idle, or again because the self-evident character not cause any concern. Some other instead, either because of circumstances or because of temperament, activate our thinking a chain process, a conceptual sequence often unexpected ending.

“In this second category belong the incidents that led to the texts in this volume. Starting from a rise of current or topical anniversary, first attempted the mathematical commentary of the news – what if that means – leaving then thought deceived freely, either in the country of Mathematics and sometimes in the pages of history of mathematics and before in the pages of history of science. So we arrived, for example, the celebration of Valentine’s friends numbers of the Pythagoreans, a town scandal isoperimetric problem of Dido, a rigged television news through Hollywood, the axiomatic foundation of geometry, “explains the author on the back cover book.


 It’s exciting to explain the daily lives through mathematics. Expands the horizon, we purify our minds, understand the reality opens the gate Hyperlogicness understanding of our everyday lives … and all of them with an intelligent, meaningful, charismatic, modern, simple way … Highly recommended to adults and children at the same time expressing admiration for such an ability to benefit the reader!


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