Book reviews – The secret notebook, by Litsa Psaraftis

μυστικό τετράδιοTitle of Book: The Secret notebookμυστικό τετράδιο2
Author: Litsa Psaraftis
Publisher: Pataki, Athens 1997
ISBN: 978-960-16-0414-5


“A family is forced to come out from its village and installed in a basement in Athens. The eighteen year old Lefteris quickly adjusted. Aware of the rich and beautiful Bright and live a great love. The Damystiko tetradio2fni, the younger sister, a student of junior high, innocent and sensitive as it will struggle to overcome the traumatic experience that will live near As ruthless and dangerous Themis. A powerful novel about the world of today’s teenagers with deadlocks, everyday problems and dangers of the big city, “which prefigures and prepares adolescents to identify risks and can avoid the pitfalls and faults that lie ahead for spoil them or remove them their lives. Read it!

Michael Rhoditis, A3


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