2nd Junior High School of Kalymnos, Dodecanese, Greece – A wonderful fairytale about our dreams to be (or not to be)!

Sensational! We thank Mrs. Elena Athanasiou she found. You will find it on the website:



Table: Rebrandt Hamerszoon van Rijn, (1606-1669)

It’s a seemingly simplistic story. A fairy tale. But it has a deep and great lesson.

It was once in a forest three trees.
Each of them had for himself a visionary – a perspective.
The first wanted to require some time to become a valuable chest • woodcut • beautifully carved, which means it will store a precious treasure. This was the vision and perspective.
The second tree wanted to claim to be in the hands of a good naval architect a big boat • solid hull ‘beautiful, majestic-that would carry kings and official entities • that would make traveling public figures.
The third tree said that all you wanted was to have been the tallest and strongest tree of the forest • so that people will see the height of the hill, thinking Heaven and God.

But the years passed. And things have evolved somewhat differently.
Went loggers.

And they cut the first tree. And while planning and longed to become a beautiful wooden chest for treasures, the carpenter did the container for animal feed manger for straw animals.
The second tree, which wanted to be nice boat to carry kings, became a small fishing boat, which poor fishermen had to fish.
The third tree, it wanted to stay the tallest forest it cut a lumberjack and put in warehouse.

Passing years. And trees, frustrated by the evolution of things, even forgotten dreams tous.Omos someday a man and a woman came to the barn, which was that the wooden crib with straw and there she gave birth to a baby boy they placed on crib that was made from the first tree. Was Joseph and the Virgin Mary. And drop into that wooden crib not only diamonds and gold, but the same God who had become man for us. So claimed this crib, the crib, accept therein the treasure of treasures, God Himself.

In the small fishing boat-he had made from the second tree-after years went something anglers • one of them tired he lay down to sleep. They had opened the sea. And a great storm erupted. And the fishing boat was not strong enough to hold. Other then woke him he was asleep. And then he stood up. And ordered the stormy sea: “silence • pefimoso.” And the sea peace and quiet reign immediately. Christ was with his disciples on the lake of Gennesaret. So the second tree, which had aspired to become a large ship that would carry public figures and kings claimed to carry the King of kings, Jesus Christ Himself with His disciples!


And the third tree that was in the warehouse carpenter, one day took it and made a cross’ And in this cross crucified Christ. So this tree was tall tell from what he had wished. Reached to heaven and to God! Was, as we say in a hymn, sky same distance from earth!.


Eventually, each of the trees in our history acquired not only what he wanted and longed, but incomparably more • but not the way you imagined and planned.
This story tells us:
We do not know what is the will of God for us. But we must never forget that what we are prepared by God, it is always preferable and more beneficial for us.
We must do dreams. For good. But we must not forget that things do not go as we would like. And that God economies and become better than we fantazomaste.

Let us have faith. Faith and trust in God

Therefore ….  the next time you upset because they became what you wanted …. just stay in your seat and make yourself happy …..

[Youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=csTdRCbHlms?feature=player_embedded&w=640&h=360]

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