Active Drama – Church of Virgin Mary, named “KyraPsili” – 2nd Junior High School of Kalymnos, Dodecanese, Greece

Speaker Persons :  (6)



παναγια κυραψηλή2-βουνόSpeaker : Some centenary of the Middle Ages, just nobody ever said, twice sacked the state’s Deep. By Venetian pirates first and second Saracens. In this last raid night of  Esaster night , as the Legend  wants, slaughter and destruction was such that people disappointed abandoned houses of the crumbling and damaged churches and taking with them what remained of livelihoods and household went be installed under the rock of the current Castle. Thus was born the settlement of “country” and the tiny state of the Castle, where took refuge in time of need.

Deep in the Valley remained the Shepherds with their flocks scattered in the surrounding mountains and “resperides” who sow the deserted fields, other Mesiako and others with the lid secured the bread of the year. In the small village of Forest still stands the “shareholders” in the “Abbot” who was still debts priest while holding the doors open for the shareholder each passerby, loyal to the traditional hospitality that imposes the duty of every Christian.

It was in this historical period beginning summer when a shepherd lost his best goat …
παναγιά κυραψηλή2


SHEPHERD: I lost my goat! Woe! Certainly failure in offspring. I started the morning by daybreak, anevokatevika slopes and glens or whistling Looking through the cedars and Shina who covered it and with under the hood of the mountain top above the Pezonta. And nothing! nothing! What will I do now? But to wait, like seeing a crevasse there (see through a crevasse in the wall made of paper) Oh! oh! the goat in there! And jumping happy! and dripping and a beard! Dripping water! Panagia mou! water, found water midsummer I live my precious find! I’m going to see (trying to get – closes the curtain).


SHEPHERD: (same scene) Panagia mou! (Crossing herself) I found there a water trough full. From some of the rock crevasse passed small glimmer of light. The water looked neat and I bent to drink. And then I see through a small picture, the one to here! (Shows a picture of the Virgin Mary. If possible, be the image of Kyrapsilis). The image of the Virgin with the infant Christ hug! (The Sphinx in his arms with emotion). I took it and went to get out the same way I came, but I suddenly saw the depth of the cave is an opening of the larger mountain. The sides were covered with a slimy yellow soil and base of hand sculpted like a sternitsa full of clear water. A tiny boat was sailing with two tiny mugs thrown left and right side! There was writing on the boat but I can not read! I will go to shareholders to find the abbot to say them. I’ll put the picture on agitates me not lose her, not dropped me nowhere (leaves – closes the curtain).
παναγιά κυρά ψηλή3


ABBOT: What happens to my child? What works and varianastenazeis and upset?

SHEPHERD: Papouli, Papoulias what happened?

ABBOT: What happened? Let me first take a breath.

SHEPHERD: Papouli me! I found a picture of the Virgin Mary, trying to find the goat me into a cave, over the Pezonta. I put in upsetting me and I moved to come here to show you and I flip chan cigarette. When I got up, however, I feel the most upsetting lafria. Look, nowhere in the picture. I thought and went back in the box I found. Was there. The retake, the hides and running again surpassed saddle and descended into the valley of Vathi. As I reached “Ebola” I thought: Well now the Lady I would not be popping! And making sure I sat at the feet of a large olive to twist my cigarette! But when I went to start again here again agitate had xalafrosei and the Virgin Mary was missing from inside. I’m sure Papouli me, how will again where I found her! But why, why did not want to come with me, why?

ABBOT: I see! The Madonna wants to respect people and not that I gave up on the ground to smoke! Go to your job and will take care of Sunday to gather all Vathiotes with our good to go and bring her entourage with chants. Just tell anyone how meetings Saturday to come all the Church, the Vespers, talk to them and prepare a place for the Lady. And listen to me well. Fasted, thanked the Virgin Mary and asked forgiveness she behaved so Sunday to be ready, dressed well for us to deliver you to the place you found her! ”

SHEPHERD: Be blessed Papouli me, like you said will (leaves – closes the curtain).


(Bloomberg, children, women, men come and go and climb up the mountain)

EVDOKIA: Mari Legal, dear mister utensils that go, Sunday?

NOMIKI : (keeps baby in her arms). Where were you when wonderful things are in our village?

EVDOKIA: Yesterday HPTA from Rhodes. But what happens?

NOMIKI : It’s  found the Virgin Mary in a miraculous way by mister Themelis the shepherd over the Pezonta place  and we go today with the priest and the cherubim sighns to deliver it as the holy abbot said. But with the baby we last stayed. Do not lose, weather, Follow us be glad and you’ve such a blessing.

EVDOKIA: Sure I’ll come, won’t I?

NONIKI : Be the shepherd stands with neat honest picture in hands. Surrenders to the priest. The great grace.

EVDOKIA: bending down, Get down I say. Bless us with the image of the Virgin Mary! (Crossing herself). Go, go with the Lady in the position of preparation than yesterday.

EVDOKIA: But why stop the second time now and sing the abbot? Since he arrived in shares.

NOMIKI: Cease those two points, the “STAFROUI” and now “OLIVE”, because here the shepherd stopped the first time he went down to equities. We start again.

NOMIKI : The Glebe will worship. Hurry (closes the curtain).

(Opens the curtain. In a pew placed the image and worship with all reverence by their cross. Narrator ends the story).

AFIGITIS: The tradition adds that even the writing on the boat that saw the shepherd wrote “Tall Lady”, a name that belongs, say, to some Korfovouni the East, where there was an old monastery. So she called the Lady “KyraPsili” and it got the name and this piece of the mountain range that lies the Liva to the sea of ​​the East. Believers in shaping the cave chapel and taxanes to work every August 15, celebrating that day.

Many recount and older and younger generations of the population of Vathy wonders KyraPsilis. We-1_panagia_kyra_psili-250x166 will recount one that has direct relation to existing premises in Glebe and Mountain View.


ABBOT: Chanoumisa Beard! What you’re asking here? Will we burn, you want? If you know the Aga you’re here, woe to the Christians! Go away, for God scat.

AGANIA: Non priest, do not send me! (Kneels and crosses her hands pleadingly) Tourkissa I am, yes! But, my daughter, the most beautiful daughter between the Turks, the pride, the joy and solace my sick time now and no doctor, no matter how much I ran did betterment. To lose, save me and pray to brunette Kyra hears the stall that you put it, ye Christians. I was told you Christians of the village to come here to beg you to pray and you will be fine my daughter. Save to please, I think it would not challenge the Lady your mother and she was hurt and as you say with her son. Can not you hear me and me, you understand me! And the vow that I will be okay as my daughter, I will build a mansion guesthouse and means would set up my throne and oil glass as it deserves Kera.

ABBOT: Chanoumisa Beard! I will pray and help the Virgin Mary. Now go alone! (He leaves. The scene opens and closes in a moment).

ABBOT: (A girl lights candle religiously watching Mary and holds a pouch) Who are you my daughter?

GIRL: My Mother is the Beard! And I’m well why prayed for me Kyra Christians, who loves all people. So I got myself to thank her and bring Taksim my mother for my salvation. Therefore ensure the white that you send to it the pouch to build the guesthouse of the monastery, and put into a shrine and majestic throne KyraPsilis.

ABBOT (crossing herself) Large wonderful Lord thy mother! Thank you for all of the gift (kneels and prays before the throne of KyraPsilis. Closes the curtain. Finally the project)

(And reopens bow actors)


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