Bookreviews : The Butterfly of the Bolsoi, by Daphne Kalotay – 2nd Junior High School of Kalymnos, Dodecanese, Greece

Book Title: The Butterfly of πεταλούδα μπολσόϊthe Bolshoi

Author: Daphne Kalotay

Publisher: Modern Times, Athens 2011

ISBN: 978-960-494-200-8


“It was little girl when she stood shyly for the first time on the threshold of the Academy of the Bolshoi Theatre. Closed her eyes and imagined herself with a transparent airy dress, hair tied back like a crown on top of her head and satin ribbons around the pointe her ankles. Then she proceeded to the large room with wooden floor and began to perform the first steps of ballet. Dancing, from that day, she was charmed ethereal body of …

Nina Refskagia began to change into a new existence, eventually becoming the brightest star of the ballet. The Butterfly of the Bolshoi as she called by the newspapers of Moscow jampack theater every performance and the audience cheering, throwing flowers at her feet. Until one day she escaped from the oppressive regime of the country, would desire for refuge in the West.

Now in the wake of  her glory, the ballerina remembers, day after day, the events that shaped her life. In a desperate attempt to escape the endless dance of memories, Nina decides to auction her jewels – symbols of love, infidelity and betrayal. So she parted once for all the key of secrets brought secretly from her country. ”


It is an ambitious and at the same time politely discreet book  in recounting personal weaknesses, fears, hopes and aspirations of the people of our next-door of a status of democracy, as though it means for people in any country, when it’s experienced in a wrong way damaged by alienation, raises the fear of the “other” deeply felt as hell, as Sartre teaches, instead of “paradise” where everyone is my brother, my God, I as Godman under Christ, as the only real democracy experienced by  the Holy Spirit and only then democracy can bring happiness. A book for teens approaching youthful maturity, which teaches confidence to people through opposite / negative examples, optimistic, however, because at  the end the confidence to human persons wins and becomes anthem. Read it!


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