Colegio Santa Joaquina de Vedruna, Cartagena, Spain – Style


Hello, we’re going to talk about style in Spain. There are many interesting shops in this area; a lot of people come to Spain to buy clothes. There are many shops for all kind of people depending of the age.

Young people are very interested in the stores where they can buy nice and cheap clothes.

In Spain there are a lot of shops where you can buy on-line. It’s a big opportunity because you can buy clothes from all over the world directly from your house. We don´t buy usually on-line because the brands we like are in our town.

The shops that we like are those who have new and trendy clothes. These clothes you can find in shops like: Zara, Bershka, Sfera, Blanco, Stradivarius, Etam, Oysho…

We´re going to interview some teenagers about their tastes:

–             The name of the first person that we´re going to interview is María Jiménez, she is nineteen years old and she lives in Cartagena.

–             What it’s your favourite shop? Why?

–            My favourite shop is Zara, because it has very fashionable clothes.

–            From where are the clothes that you’re wearing right now?

–           The t-shirt that I´m wearing is from Zara,  my shorts are from Stradivarius and the bag  is from Sfera.

–          What shops would you like to have in Cartagena?

–          Callate la boca and Converse.

–          The name of the second person that we´re going to interview is Carlos González, he is twenty-two years old and he lives in Cartagena:

–           Do you like going shopping?

–          No, I find it very boring. Girls love shopping, but I don´t like it.

–          Where do you buy your clothes normally?

–          I don´t like going shopping very much, but  my favourite shops are Abercrombie and           Hollister.

–          Would you like to have more shops in Cartagena specialized in men clothes?

–          I would like it very much, because I usually  buy my clothes in these shops.

–        The name of the last girl is Laura Gil, she is seventeen years and she’s from Cartagena, she loves the skater style:

–          How would you define your style in one word?

–           Authentic.

–          Why do you like to dress like skaters?

–          Because my style defines my personality and it´s unique.

–         What do you think about the lack of skaters shops in  Cartagena?

–         Well that´s very bad because the people who has this style doesn’t have the opportunity to buy the clothes in the city, only on-line.

–        What about you? What style do you like?

By:  -Pilar Esteban Flores, Margarita López Iñesta, Silvia Romero Carrión, 3rd of CSO.


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