2nd Junior High School of Kalymnos, Dodecanese, Greece – My Country

μεγάλη σημαία1
Presentation of Greece, by Michael Skyllas

We like dancing. See this page know why we dance, about our topik dresses and their history




By Michael Roditis, Kalymnos, Greece

First greeek animation story. USA have to tell us about Mickey the Mouse. Greeks made this!!!

Then, they forgoted what Greek people gave them as a gift, their freedom. And International Coin’s System give us as grateful gift : poorness, honestless, dissapointness.  We answer them.:

When History will demand it, we will give you again the same example of freedom,  donation, fidelity and OUR GOD’s LOVE. Greek people we are children . We allways forget evilness and give everyone a full of love gift of real freedom. Don’t worry: We never forget who we are. 5000 years of history will give you the approvement of this. Be free, be happy, be real, be active, be human beings have as purpose be Gods with their free will and cooperation with Holy Trinity, as Orthodox Greeks believe. This is your right and your obligation! Do it for our favour, please!


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