1st High School of Xanthi – Fairytales – The hare and tortoise

The hare and the tortoise
One spring morning a hare had been pushed out of the nest and eat fresh grass . As he ate , saw a turtle go a little farther and looked so funny walking , which began to mock that was slower and snails . The turtle stopped , turned to the hare and said : What would you say to run a race to see who is faster than both ? Thats it! The hare fell down and started to hit in laughter . But seeing that the turtle remained serious , he realized that he had not told a joke and so he accepted the challenge. The fox as appropriate , set the point where they would start , the path and end point.

The match was set for the next morning and indeed , the two contestants and many forest animals were to start early in the morning . Fox gave the slogan and the fight started . The turtle without wasting time began to walk , slowly of course, already had covered the first centimeters of the route . The hare watching the pace of his opponent, and nystazontas since it was early morning , a little thought to sleep and wake up when it was running as only he can and would end definitely failed. So the turtle continued to walk in a certain path of the fox and the hare threw it to sleep .

He’s got some time and some time the hare woke up . Weather Running said and started . Very puzzled not met the turtle and for a moment he thought he would have quit the game anyway since he had lost by hand . But you know when more puzzled ? Upon arriving at the end point and saw the turtle awaits chewing a leaf and having an expression of triumph on her face. So the tortoise beat the hare in a race , certainly not because it runs faster than this , but it has remained true to its purpose and showed no arrogance like a rabbit .



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