1st High School of Xanthi – The Donkey and Salt and other Aesop’s Fables

by Basilis Kokkinos, B3



It was once one villager who had a donkey and he was using him for many works . Because the donkey was very valuable for him and he was loving and taking care it , many times he was forgiving his moorings .

One day  , the villager loaded the donkey with panniers of salt , and started  to get them in the next village where he could sold them . However to get in that village they had  too pass a river .

While they were passing  , they donkey stumbled and sank within . The salt , however , when it found in the water , melt and the donkey stood up lighter from inside the water .

The villager was very afflicted that he lost so many salt , but the donkey was very pleased .

One other day , the villager loaded the donkey again with panniers , but , this time there were sponges in them . The donkey thought tha he could  save himself from the weight again so when they were passing the river again , he stumbled again but this time on purpose and he sank in the water .

However the sponges when they drank water they  gained more weight and the donkey couldn’t get out in the surface and he was drowned …..

 The Goldfish (folktale)


 Once it was a poor  fisherman  , and all the night was trying to catch a fish he couldn’t . At the end the sun rised , and he throw again the curly brace and he was whispering << Ohh , my god , misfortune! Today my children will starve to the death >>.

Then suddenly he felt a vibration in the rod and pull up the curly brace . And what he saw? A little gold fish ! He tried to take it of the hook  but he heard a voice which said : << Throw the little fish in the water and you will see good from this action >>.

-Let throw it , Anyway this little fish can’t  feed my children … he whispered .

And he threw it in the water . Again he hear the same voice :

-What good do you want to do for you ?

And the fisherman answered :

-I want to go home and find bread and meat for my childrens .

When he went back to his house  , he found all he asked from the voice . Then he told all the story to his wife .

And she said

– My husband  instead of asking food couldn’t ask something better ?

And he said

-Well if I catch it again what do you want to ask the voice to do ?

And his wife told him to ask for palaces!

He went the  poor fisherman back  , he throw the net and he caught  again the goldfish . He tried to take it and he heard the voice again :<< Throw it in the water and you will see good >>

He throw it and he heard again :<< what good do you want to do for you >> and he asked for palaces . He went back to his house there were wonderful palaces !

And then her wife said :

-Go catch it again and ask this time to be king and queen .

He went again back and he did what he did the lasts times , he heard the voice and he asked what his wife told him . However he went back to his home and he saw a hat and his children again hungry…..

<< They were real  king and queen in their old house as they wanted because  they were all together >>

 The Crab and the Fox (Aesop’s Fables)


It was once one crab in a beach . In this beach there were more crabs , which were living between the rocks and the algae , sometimes they were going in the beach in the morning and they were returning back to their nests again at night.

There, between the rocks and the algae , were living all the together the crabs and they were eating ,playing and sleeping . And there dippest in the caves where hidden when there was a threat .

However , there was a crab who has been bored of living like the others crabs . And when they were going in the beach the other crabs were running to fall back in the water , but he was late all the time and sometimes he was walking a few metres in the beach to see how the world of land was .

At the end one day he decided to leave and never return back to the sea . He walked to the beach , until  he found a little river which was scrolling within the rocks and he went to the side of the river to see far away .

He reached , in that away , in a forest and he was mystified because he had never seen trees in her life and in the begging he thought that there were masts of ships .

But while he was going deepest and deepest in the jungle he was becoming more excited from the items that he was seeing and then he saw gim a hungry  fox , which jumped on to it him.

And the crab then said  : << Well I suffer !>> he whispered the poor crab. << Since I was a seamanlike , what I was looking in the land ?>>


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