2nd Junior High School of Kalymnos, Dodecanese, Greece -Kalymnos goes migrate! participation in the contest of short story – poem of 2nd High School of Kalymnos

Kalymnos , an island economically poor but rich at habitants, village with 1καλυμνος8,000 residents then. Then the Kalymnos lived alone with the sea namely sponges . Sponges bring money to the island , lived many Familia , rich or poor.

The sponge was destroyed and the only solution to the sponge to live the family was the exile . In 1905, others went to France where he joined factory workers and others in America . In Florida America , in Tarpon Springs, Tampa , the bottom was rich in sponges and in time they got close to the Sagrada Familia and thus created the Greek community .

Many mothers who had young boys 12 to 15 years not to get their children δύτης με κολαούζοconscription Young Turks sent their children in Russia cobbler and bakeries. The conditions of work and survival was unacceptable . They worked in sunless underground and humidified by tidytis with TAPS 6 am until 10 pm , with an hour break at noon for lunch, actually hungry , give them a loaf of bread for the whole week . The children worked in bakeries all day broke almonds when broked some hidden morsel they put in their mouths to fool their hunger . When they finish their work , they put them to sleep there, on cartons , wrapped in paliodermata in the cold and more children are getting tuberculosis . You managed to survive after years turned in Kalymnos , decrepit .

Especially for Kalymnos events of 1935 and the subsequent terror of Italians forced even many residents to seek safer life under other skies . The gloomy atmosphere of Italian bread made with katapieseisstefani attributes vivid response published in the newspaper “Free Step ” as ” a fantastic flight of Kalymnos .” The migraστεφάνι με ψωμί φτιαγμένοtion of the Greek population of the Dodecanese , as a consequence of the Italian Fascist occupation during the 1930s the bulk of the refugees settled in the area of Athens and Piraeus , the number of refugees in Attica approached 20,000 in the late 1930s. In 1940 came the war in the island, came sfoungarodouleia stopped and hunger on the island . The Italian capitulation brought the Germans in the Dodecanese . When the Germans came to Kalymnos Kalymnos thousands took the road of exile in Cyprus , Palestine , Gaza , etc.

Among the refugees was my great-grandmother , with the first 2 children left crowds of women and children crowded on the boats to Gaza . In my great-grandfather , ” her husband ” took him to the Resistance to integration kalymnouMesi East , guarding perspective in an area called ” Wires “.

The My grandmother often told us stories of ` everyday life , sewed and embroidered on the pocket money to start them . They lived in tents , under the protection of the Red Cross and the British , who took care of their diet . His mind was always of Kalymnos and more to her husband that she did not know whether to seeing him .

Kalymnians refugees returned to the island in May 1945 . They found the island in aμετανάστευση-συνάντηση καλύμνίωνterrible situation , bombed , empty of boats , houses empty and ransacked . But with power decided to rebuild the island from the beginning. Restless and stubborn as it set out to rebuild Kalymnos. In 1952 many sponge migrate to Australia . For too many days traveling on ships , thousands of men cramped and distressed sailed once in a foreign country . Most of them worked as builders in Darwin . By the time they got their families near them. At first very difficult conditions due to the tropical climate . Others went to Sydney , Adelaide and Melbourne , where he worked in construction and restaurants . Particularly intense was and is to this day the item in Kalymnos Ntarmetanastefsi – kalymniongouin meeting , where formed colony with several thousand Kalymnians who never forgot and the Kalymnos flocked since the island constantly keeping more of our manners and customs of our . As then so now history repeats itself unfortunately once again . Thousands Kalymnians took their families followed the same path again once he passed many decades ago my grandfather , father , uncle . Due to the economic crisis that has chrokopisei Greece. They have closed their homes , left their land , but most of their loved ones , mothers , siblings , relatives , friends for a better future for ` them and their children , every parent wants to always be the best.

PS In 1987 the people of Kalymnos Darwin was awarded the best way that is appreciated thanks to diligence and activity of our countrymen . It is no exaggeration that this is the liveliest part of Hellenism throughout Australia . The then mayor of Darwin to honor Kalymnos statue erected to ” the immigrant Kalymnian »

Pataki Lefteris b gymnasium , 2 ° gymnasium Kalymnos


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