Time machine… 2nd grade at competition of litteracy and poetry, 2nd High School of Kalymnos

 μετανάστες    It rains falling gently in the harbor of the island , turning mirrors the concrete surfaces , ” stroking ” the making of boats and moored vessels , waving the surface of the gray sea . A gentle and continuous rain , crying like a howl from the sky .. No coincidence …
The song of the rain interrupted the port violently siren of the ship , which departed … I had to perform the service and serve a thankless role : To carry people and objects away .. away from their loved ones and landscapes … away from their lives and face to face with their fate … How tragic role …
However, the deafening sound of the engines and the sail was very small in front lament and pain of one of the occupants of the small ship … Theophilus glum looks on the bow of the island , around which recedes … The pupils of his eyes can not peel off the picture of his wife and their small offspring … ” Where are you going ? Where are you going ? ” How many years go by will never forget this question – sword . The speedboat getting away with ripping violence welcoming waters of the port of desires , where both adored and sang all the sailors and voyagers of Kalymnos . Really what mysterious place . Handsome , yet fierce. Fetching but simultaneously repulsive .. How to call the inhabitants of the ” navel of the earth ‘ over the maelstrom of regionalism and how at the same time he ” navel ” sends off shoots of , across the length and breadth of this Earth ?
The Table , a stocky young man in his thirties , leaning his head on one of the seats of the ship to rest for a few minutes it takes its journey to the opposite port Mastihari . I wish it were only this trip . How many eikosalepta will take until it reaches its destination ? Unlimited minutes a circadian journey, physical fatigue than mental fatigue is inversely proportional amounts . Everything was familiar with complex algebraic numbers the Table , but not with the implementation of emotions … His eyes closed and unconsciously as in daze transferred some years back with a time machine , where the position of his child goodbye before him some time , he was with his mother saying goodbye to his father … Tragic irony … Ultimately life is a huge circle for utensils that closed 30 years later .
Kalymnos in the late 1970s . A building contractor decides to emigrate to America , close to distant relatives to cover the debts created by the partner ‘s work . The loss was great and obligations running . He had a wife , daughter and pampered captain who would not survive the hardships , a beautiful and strong son , who wanted to study a small sporaki love the belly of his beloved Kalotina . What to do ? Says the popular saying ” Bros rock and a hard place ” … Pain, tears , introspection and uncertainty followed him separation then … Pain, tears , introspection and uncertainty following this separation now . Like not a day passed , as if nothing has changed … By the time I thought his remorse to the family of a continuous and strong shaking of the ship , which was close to everything turbulent waters of Mastihari , brought him back to reality. ” Skevakis , days and nights have to live with the guilt and your expectation … now running … ” s thinking . The long hours and tiring journey . Africa and specifically the Congo is far from the small island , far from his home in St. Stephen Marasia and away from his family. But should … The job was offered even more alluring and enticing paycheck . When I first heard from his best man how many Greeks pay down there for factory workers and their jobs , but was astonished ! Immediately after receiving to think and discuss details . The sudden crisis in salary, termination of contract by the Public Service of the island does not leave much room for further conversations . Besides, it will migrate as an unskilled laborer . It was good but a conscientious student with slope calculations numbers and decided to become an accountant . He graduated with honors from the school and from the first moment you set foot on the island missed opportunity . He was finally able to be hired in the municipality with a decent salary and formalize its relationship with the elite of his heart. However , as Heraclitus said , ” Everything flows and nothing stays ” in the case of the pot saying it had immediate application crowning as the moral of the course so far . The false financial crisis Banks , violent bankruptcy of thousands of people , the deliberate devaluation of the economy of our country did not let our hero to create a calm professional and personal history . The migration was inevitable .
He landed at the airport in Congo after several changes of aircraft and airports , that if it were under different circumstances will .. So fascinated sites , landscapes and so many changes in the climatic conditions within a few hours , though rare experience , seemed to utensil a trip to the most eerie and unwelcoming point of the horizon . He felt throughout the journey as if he left off after forced exile due totalitarian regime .
Again like previously transferred by time machine , we all have within us and eventually felt the smell of the breath of his father, Theophilus , who came once a year on the island to see his family. ” My son, the exile is KAMOU . ‘s Curse . And the Paradise of Earth to go, you will still feel that you boil the cauldrons of hell away from your Familia and the place you grew up . Blessing and a curse I give you my son . Away from sponge , sea and emigration .. ” And they filled the eyes of tears , that was not enough , however, to purify the purity of their sincerity absence of many years , the deficit as a husband , as a father , as a friend, as a consolation , as a backup .. The time machine travels again , but this time in the future . Theophilus Jr., grandson of the immigrant ” first generation ” is apithomenos in the arms of middle- ware and no longer hears the words of his father, smell the aromas of the skin and lips and listens to the temperament of one and never had his fill Like … the men of the family curse chasing a lack of male model. The curse of uprooting .. Then, Now , the future …
The taxi transfer the pan from the airport on the premises of Greek Community, which consists of several Greek with great action in the region and huge financial standing . Welcomed him with cordiality and warmth and Utensil the first time the sight of their eyes to recognize that melancholy , he felt that he had now and in his own eyes . Like an unrecorded communication code united them . They had a common destiny , common goals and common aspirations : to work hard to raise money and return home . The famous repatriation , the Homeric longing raise as imperative for each Odysseus , who longs to see the day of our return and let us go through myriad sufferings and passions …
Every night , when the long day was succeeded by cool and wet night of the black continent Table launched its time machine and traveled in the past that was repeated in this document not like to lose and trying to hold on to , in the future that toils to build on to enjoy it with my loved ones ! And the time machine equated the three dimensions of time and Utensil compatible and marching … And time was passed … Why all within ourselves a time machine …

  Mangou Elena – Evangelia , 2nd Junior High School of Kalymnos


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