1st High School of Xanthi, Greece – Greek Hip Hop Music

by Valentine Kourti, A3

Greek Hip Hop

greek hiphop

is the chief genre of rap music in Greece. The earliest indications of the localized genre date back to 1987 with the group FF.C, though native language albums did not appear until the mid-1990s. The first hip hop album was Diamartiria (protest) in 1993 of Active Member along with “Skliroi kairoi” by FF.C. Then FF.C followed with Simeia ton kairon, and TXC (now Artemis/Efthimis) with their single Terror X Crew in 1995.

Gangsta rap came to Greece in 1997 with the group Zontanoi Nekroi (Living Dead). In 2000 the group Alfa Gama released the first hardcore CD named Agnostofovia (fear of the unknown). Imiskoubria and Going Through made Greek hiphop famous in the mainstream Greek audience. Goin’ Through changed their way of music from hip hop to a kind of R&Bor Pop music. The political issues and the society also invaded to this type of music. Terror X Crew introduced a new style of rapping with their CD’s “I Polis Ealo” (1997) and “Essetai Imar” (2001). This albums are ethnocentric and for the first time the Greek nationalism is involved to the hip-hop music. For this, the then president of the Hellenic Front, Makis Voridis awards them as “they try to wake up the Greek nation “Nowadays Greek Hip Hop covers a broad spectrum, all the way from hardcore hip hop urban  pop, and has managed to transform from an underground musical genre to one that tops the charts in Greece.


 Some of the artists that top the charts are

 Stereo Mike,


Zontanoi Nekroi

, Taki Tsan ,

• 843
• Active Member
• Ansia
• Black ‘N White
• Bong Da City J
• Corona Virus
• Dagobah System
• Deadlock
• Direct Game
• Discoloured Day
• Dopemonx
• Flow Advantage
• Flowjob
• FortiFied Concept
• Giants
• Going Through
• Hip Hop eX Equipo
• Indeed Faces
• Kiko & Ouiki
• Ladose
• Low Profile
• Master Tempo
• Meliorists
• No Limit
• Phase 3
• Professional Sinners
• Psyclowns
• Razastarr
• Realycists
• Social Waste
• Stavento
• Tang Ram
• Terror X Crew
• Trendy Hooliguns
• Twinz, The
• U.N.R
• Via Dolorosa
• Wasted Minds
• Worms
• X-UP-C
• Αtackes raps
• Άλυτοι Γρίφοι                                   • Unsolved Puzzles

• Άλφα Γάμα     alfa gama                     
• Ανάποδα Καπέλα   Upside Hats                        

 • Ανάφλεξη                  Ignition
• Αντίθετη Πλευρά                Opposite Side
• Αντίξοες Παραγωγές      Adverse Productions  

• Απέχεις                   refrain
• Απόγονοι             Descendants
• Ασυμβίβαστη Γενιά    Uncompromising Generation
• Άτιμος-Ξένος          • Dishonesty-Stranger

• Βαβυλώνα     • Babylon
• Βόρεια Αστέρια    North Star
• Βητα πεις       Vpeis
• Διαρρήκτες     Burglars
•Δύνασις         Dynasis
• Εlements 
• Ενοχές        Guiltes
• Εξάρια     Sixes
• Ζωντανοί Νεκροί      Alive-Dead
• Ημισκούμπρια 
• Καρουροδεινόσαυροι
• Κύκνειο Άσμα      • Swan Song
• Μείζων Λόγος      Major Reason
• Μουσικοί Ισοβίτες    Musicians lifers
• Νέα Τάξη Πραγμάτων    New World Order
• Νεκρική Σιγή     dead silence
• Νόησις       Noesis
• Παρεμβολές    interference
• Πρόκληση    Challenge
• Ραγισμένοι Κρίκοι   Cracked Rings
• Ρόδες        Wheels
• Σκιές      shadows
• Σκοτεινή Πλευρά    Dark Side
• Στίχοιμα        bet
• Τρύπα Crew    Hole Crew
• ΥπΑρχω  exhist
• Φυροί       Fyros
• ΧΟΥ Τeam
• Ψυχοδράμα

and other local crews .



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