1st Junior High School of Xanthi, Greece – Smoking

Cigarette smoking is the most prevalent form of tobacco consumption . It is a habit at an early stage ” startling ” and upsets the body. Among the approximately 4,000 substances that the body of smokers receiving smoking , contain toxic and carcinogenic substances such as known to us all tar , nicotine , ammonia , acetone ( yes , like what women put on nails ! ) As well as carbon monoxide or substances used to maintain the carcass of the dead ! Smoking So , the human body has difficulty initially used foreign ( harmful ) substances containing tobacco (and entering the body of smokers mainly with cigarette smoking ) . With the passage of time , the human body is forced to compromise and then to accept more and more smoke. At the same time , the act of smoking begins causing addiction and consequently the smoker himself believes his organization needs Smoking! Although most smokers go as far as to consider the cigarette ‘necessary’ , it is very important to understand that the only reason why this happens is the fact that smokers themselves (and consequently their organizations ) are now addicted to smoking as well as the harmful substances in tobacco . Smoking is a major factor in the occurrence of serious diseases that can cause even death !



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