1st High School of Xanthi, Greece – Drug addiction.

narkotika-sirigaDrug addiction may be due to an abnormality of the brain , says a new study. Researchers have identified for the first time in the brain of volunteers specific differences which may account , at least partially , for the moment those flying in dependence ousies.Kathos are identified and ‘ clean ‘ Substance siblings , experts believe that the hereditary factor plays a rather important role. The fact that the brothers were not dependent offers , such as stress , hope to develop better methods to combat the problem .

Researchers at the University of Cambridge led by Karen Erse looked depicting the brain 50 volunteers dependent on cocaine or crack and that of their brethren who had not ever experienced drug dependence .

They then compared these illustrations with each other and with the brain scans of healthy volunteers who had no affinity with the above .

As described in their study , published in the journal «Science», identified the same abnormalities in the brains of addicts and their brothers in relation to healthy ‘ unrelated ‘ volunteers . These abnormalities were observed in regions of the frontal cortex and striatum controlling behavior.

These findings suggest , according to researchers , that some people may be ” programmed” for substance dependence . ” We have long known that people who take drugs are not all drug addicts ,” said Dr. Erse . “Our study shows that drug addiction is not a choice or lifestyle , but a disorder of the brain , and this must be recognized .” It should be noted that differences in the brains of addicts have been observed in the past, but now as the experts were not determine whether these were caused by substances or if you were born . Their discovery by scientists at Cambridge , if confirmed by other studies , may perhaps lead to a new kind therapeies.To fact that the same abnormalities were observed in the brain of the brothers who never had drug dependence suggests however that this ” design ” predisposition is not necessarily damning . Both the experts who conducted the study and independent researchers note that studying the ” path ” of dependent and non- dependent siblings can perhaps lead to better methods of dealing drugs.

by Elena Gounari


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