2nd Junior High School of Kalymnos, Dodecanese, Greece – THE EDUCATION OF CHILDREN IN ANCIENT SPARTA !

ή ταν ή επί τας     αρχαίες σπαρτιάτισσες

“you will come from behind the safe shield or on the shield come  dead “

The education of children in ancient Sparta began when the child supplement seven years . The state was taking from his mother and put it in one of the many herds , which were under the supervision of an elderly Spartan . In thirteen years complemented their education under the leadership of a prudent and brave new , so-called Ekrena , all under the supervision of paidonomias trained in gymnastics , running , jumping , throwing javelin and Ms on disk and also learned to suffering in pain hardship ie , hunger , thirst , cold , fatigue and lack of sleep . They walked barefoot , washed in cold waters of the Eurotas and wore the same clothing summer and winter , which gave them the state once a year . There used blankets and slept on straw and stubble , which they cut them without knives , from the banks of the River Eurotas .
The main meal was the black broth , but encouraged to steal food to complement the minimum receiving , but if they were caught red-handed by the punished . Also ate a lot of honey . For a whole month before you run out of drills , they were at gymnastics and ate only honey .
Learned a few letters , just to read and write. The advised not to waste words ie not babble , but speaking of substance ( Laconia) that soon and substance . He also learned military poems , war songs , how to dance , and recite passages from Homer.
The main purpose of education was to the discipline to endure hardships . Once a year the tested for resistance before the temple of Artemis Orthia , the game stealing cheese and whipped mercilessly . But it was a tough test of custom , that many died in their attempt to prove worthy . Those that suffered without murmurings and tears the wreath .
The girls are educated in groups like the boys , but not with so much cruelty and rigor simpler . They were taking part in a public competition , such as these, but their training is finished just married .
At the age of twenty years , when treatment ended , began the military service again. Required become a member at the common meals ( soup kitchens ) , a group of about fifteen people , who lived and dined together in public camps until sixty years old (one of the laws of Lycurgus ) . In this age of twenty years , most men and women , married .
At the age of thirty, mature men anymore , the Spartans were citizens with full rights and obligations . They were entitled to take part in the assembly of the people ( Apella ) and exercise axioms .

The upbringing of girls and the education of boys in ancient Sparta !

ανατροφή στην αρχαία Σπάρτη3 ανατροφή στην αρχαία Σπάρτη2 ανατροφή στην αρχαία Σπάρτη1

In this picture we see a statue depicting a Spartan !

αρχαίες σπαρτιάτισσες1

Irene Ts . , A3


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