2nd Junior High School of Kalymnos, Dodecanese, Greece – THE VALUE OF THE PEOPLE OF THE THIRD AGE in Kalymnos

by Nomiki S., B2


Women of Kalymnos , like their men , ¬ Rooney maintained throughout their Doric virility , which inherits from as ¬ grandparents and the “old ” them ( the grandmother – view ) . With hands full of power and labor , make many strong children , that t ‘ raise with Spartan perception. Un ¬ Rhun weaving looms only in their hair ¬ to colorful rugs , wool from sheep only the handle, the paint , the secreting and throwing in the ” pit” ( loom ) . In addition to the rugs , the twilled and others, weave and fine silks , ” mesalles ” ( fancy towels ) and the ” entry units ‘ type small cover charge them ¬ woven wool and silk , which with them wrap their babies . He spent weave for their own beds , especially wedding dresses.

καλύμνιοι και καλυμνιές


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