1st High School of Xanthi, Kalymnos, Dodecanese, Greece – Water: source of imagination

The fairytale that follows  is related with water, because as Hans Christian Andersen had said Everything you look at can become a fairy tale and you can get a story out of everything you touch’.

 αξία του νερού, θεατρικο

“In the past there was, as many people say, a tiny, unimportant, perhaps imaginative well at the plain of Crystals, the water of which had many magic and therapeutic features. According to a myth, this water could realize every wish and the touch or the consumption of it could bring cure to every illness. In this place fairies had been living with people peacefully until some greedy and arrogant creatures decided to take advantage of the water. As a result, fairies ended any relationship with them and hid the well deep in the forest, where nobody dears to step. Only the most innocent soul could find it.

And so, numerous explorers dedicated their lives to finding it. The majority of them died in pursuit of their goal: take advantage of the healing qualities of water in order to obtain money and power. Some of them wanted to become kings and others merchants and their main source of wealth would be the desirable water, every drop of which would bring them to a mountain of money and diamonds. Unfortunately for them, nothing became reality.

In the meantime, in the town of Crystals, known for its unique and remarkable quality of crystals, the life of citizens was rolling quietly. Every day the people worked at the bakeries and mines and the kids played carefreely. The mixture of different fragrant smells from the bakeries and mines were overwhelming   every morning. It was the most magic, heavenly place, where visitors could relax and enjoy their lives.

One day, an event came suddenly to shock the palace. A deadly illness from the mines fell upon the residents of the town. Day by day more and more people died and the misery had already covered the town. Among the people there was an old woman, who had remained untouched by time. She had two grandchildren, that she had brought up when their parents died. Their names were Leonardo and Veronica, names according to their characters. They loved their grandmother so much that they didn’t want her to be harmed by the illness. So Leonardo decided to search for the well with the magic water. When his sister realized that, she made clear that she wouldn’t leave him alone.

– ‘Leonardo where are you going?’

– ‘I have to find a way to treat our grandmother and you are not going to prevent me. Do you hear me?’

– ‘And what are you thinking of doing?’

– ‘I will find the well with the magic water. This is our only hope.’

– ‘But it is said to be a legend.’

– ‘For someone that wants to believe, Veronica, it does exist…And I want to believe. I need to believe.  So I want you to take care of our grandmother as long as I am away.’

– ‘I will not let you go alone. I will come with you.’

– ‘And who is going to take care of her?’

– ‘I am going to send a message to her friend from the near village and I am totally sure that she will agree to help us.’

The next day they filled a bag with reshipments, a map and they started their little trip. After two days, the two siblings decided to relax. Yet, none of them knew that the forest was full of thieves. The next day the kids realized that they had been robbed.

– ‘Leonardo what we going to do now? We have neither food nor the map to get back home. We are going to die here alone and we will not achieve to treat the illness and bring back to life our granny.’

– ‘don’t panic. We must firstly find food and if we do that, all will be fine.’

Searching to the forest for food, Veronica discovered an aplletree and told her brother. Her brother tried to climb the tree. Unfortunately, Leonardo fell over  and he injured his leg. Veronica feeling depressed decided to come back. She lifted her brother and she tried to find the way back home unsuccessfully. Suddenly, they found themselves in a magnificent place and they decided to stay there for a while rest. There Veronica discovered a well, where she washed the injured leg of Leonardo . Ready to go on they realized that…

– ‘Leonardo your injury…’

– ‘What, what?’

– ‘The wound has disappeared.’

–  (Leonardo stood up and walked freely without pain) ‘Veronica, what did you do?’

– ‘Nothing. I just washed the wound with the water of…’

– ‘of the well. We’ve found the magic well. You’ve found the magic well.

– ‘And now what?’

– ‘We are going to wish for our grandmother, our town, us.’

Wishing for all these things, the kids managed to return back home and continued their lives with their grandmother without revealing to anybody that they had found the magic well, because the world is bad and it will harm anyone who knows such a secret. They lived happily ever after…

 By Helen Stavroglou


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