Colegio Santa Joaquina de Vedruna, Cartagena, Spain – Roller Skating

It develops in different ice surfaces, generally of asphalt, concrete or parquet which, in turn, may have a surface layer of plastic material (polyurethane, synthetic resin, etc..). Roller skating can be developed in specific locations, such as tracks or circuits, or in places not authorized specific for the occasion (as with streets and roads in the distance events).

The skates can be of two types: the classic, also known as quad, which has four wheels positioned in pairs on two axes, and the inline skate, which has a provision similar to ice skates, replacing the blade a guide holding a variable number of wheels (three to five) placed one after the other. These wheels have a diameter ranging between 43 and 110 mm, may be the case of guides designed to accommodate various sized wheels. In the early 2000s we used a variant of the clap skates which is currently unused.

Skating can burn up to 450 calories a half hour and while strengthening muscles and heart.

Here in Cartagena have a skating club. To learn more about this club just type “” in your web browser and you will get the information.


África Ripoll, Celia Madrid, Dori Robles, Julia Pretel and Mª Amparo Pérez., 3ºC   C.S.E.


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