Homer’s Iliad – Hector

Hector urges Paris to take part in the battle .

Ιλιάδα Έκτορας
Hector son of Priam and Hecuba , one of the central figures tisIliadas and leader of the Trojans and their allies against the defending tisTroias .
Initially did not approve the war between the Achaeans and Trojans. Early in the Iliad propose a duel between his brother Paris and Menelaus to stop the war . Since the duel , however there was no outright winner because of Divine intervention . His wife was Andromache with whom he had a son . Achilles kills Hector in single combat and atimonei his dead body for revenge for the death of his friend Patroclus , who was killed by Ektora.Kapote considered him no son of Priam , but god Apollo and Hecuba and brother Troilus . He was the most Andriomenos warrior of the Trojans , along with soldiers of the Trojans and allies of the jelly and Lycia did cause many problems in the Greek camp for many years .
The prophecy claiming that the first Achaean to press in the Trojan beach will experience death confirmed the death of Protesilaos . The Protessilaos , Ajax and Odysseus reluctant to land on the beach . The resourceful Odysseus uses trick and causes PROTESILAOU to land first . The trick was to throw the shield to the ground and stepped on it . Odysseus not pressed the ground , so Protessilaos tricked lands . Hector kills PROTESILAOU , practically had first pressed the beach of Troy .
The Duel with Ajax
Helenus , brother of Hector and son of Hecuba , with prophetic abilities in Hector confirms that the time of his death has not arrived yet. Hector manages to stop the war between the two armies . After causing the Achaean warlords in duel . 9 of them want to Fight with the best warrior of the Trojans . The Achaeans forced to throw clergy , who eventually falls to the prince of Salamis , Ajax . Ajax with tremendous physical strength succeeds slightly to gain the upper hand , but Hector continues to fight valiantly and with great martial skill, so the duel shows the tie . After lapse of preachers and Ideon Talthiviou , Ajax and Hector ending the duel . The two admired the courage , skill and bravery of the other . At the end and exchanging gifts , something that is often done to end a scoreless duel . Hector gives Ajax his sword , which was the son of Telamon will use to commit suicide . Ajax gives Hector the area that will be used later when Achilles dragged Hector around the walls of Troy .
Hector and Andromache dialogue
ιλιάδα έκτορας-παιδί1 ιλιάδα έκτορας-παιδί

The weight of the tent is tempered by the smiles that causes fear touAstyanakta helmet for his father and embrace that ensues Hector with the infant .

So after speaking , he left the impetuous Hector ; forthwith then reached palace of well built , but did not find lefkocheiri ( lefkolenon ) Andromache , but this along with her child and kallipepli maid had stood on the tower with wailing and tears . When Hector is not found in the house the perfect wife, came and stood at the threshold and asked whether the slaves went to any sister or well-dressed synnyfada or did it go to the temple of Athena , where other kalliplokames Trojan Women seeking to atone terrible Athena .

For it is willing housekeeper replied :
” Hector , because strongly with commands to tell the truth or somewhere in no sister nor in any well-dressed synnyfada nor the temple of Athena came out, where other kallikomes Troades requested to atone for the awful goddess , but went to the tall tower of Ilion , because he heard that the Trojans are in dire straits and that the superiority of the Achaeans is great. This hand has now reached the wall ; trechati like crazy with her no nanny ( tithini ) holding the child . ” [Z 389].

When Hector arrived at Sky gates trechati then he met his wife Andromache with many talents , his daughter Haetionian shedding tears esfyxe hand warmly and said : ” Blessed ( demon ) , the momentum you will destroy and not sorry minor child and you me the hapless ( ammoron ) soon widow ( chiri ) you will quickly become ; why the Achaeans will kill all rushing up to me thy will be preferable if a deprived , blag why on earth ; now I have more comfort when Council certainly die , but suffering ; nor there my father and respected my mother . ”

Really I replied Hector , for all I care , but too ashamed of the Trojans and Trojan Women cute , if I leave like a coward away from war , nor my character allows, because I learned to be brave and always fight together with the Trojans in the first line , trying to preserve the great glory of my father and me the same . [1 ]

“Me with my heart and my soul I know this will come ; namely day ( essetai IMAR ) [Z 448], where once the sacred Troy will perish and Priam and the people of Priam warrior . But I do not feel so sorry for the Trojans in the future about this or Hecuba, nor King Priam , nor for my brothers many and brave who may fall in the dust of men as enemies for you , when one of the Achaean chalkothorakes Crying I’ll get him , after you remove the free day , and in Argosafou will you , will loom weaving under the orders of another and perhaps will convey water from tiMessiida or pro without in any way you want , I’ll push hard · need and once when nobody see you chyneis tears will tell ; “She is a woman of Hector ,” which was first in the battle of ippodamastesTroes when polemoussan around Troy.

“- Speaking of Hector to Andromache , Iliad Z 447-479

The Duel with Achilles – The death of Hector

Andromache mourning over the dead body of Hector
After the death of Patroclus , Achilles Pectoral friend , he decides Achilles to return to battle . The Achilles terrible war cries chasing many Trojans . [2 ] Achilles accused by the river Scamander it fills with water dead . Achilles defies the river – god and causes rage. The water overflowing , filling the Trojan plain , thus emptying the poet landscape for big duel will follow. Achilles manages to escape , and Hector decides to go out and face Achilles. Hector is filled with negative and defeatist feelings , reluctant to fight. The goddess Athena , however , takes the form of Deiifovou and encourages him to fight, even saying that they will face with Achilles. Hector satisfied and full of courage meets Achilles outside the walls of Troy . The legend says that the Trojan prince flinch and Achilles chased him three times around the walls . Ultimately, however , Hector stifling fear and standing in front of the best warrior of the Achaeans . Then Hector asks Achilles to agree that the winner of the duel will not dishonor the body of the defeated . Achilles , filled with hatred for the loss of Patroclus , refuses features and abusive . The main part of the duel begins. Achilles throws the first spear , but Hector avoid it . Responds then also throw javelin , but finds the shield of Achilles and not penetrates . Athena meanwhile helps Achilles , giving him back the spear while Hector turns looking at the walls while searching Deiifovo to give new javelin . But no one is there, the trick of Athena has succeeded. And he Hector knows that the end has arrived. But I can not put down. Says he will fight to the death and that future generations will learn how Andriomenos was . Hector rushes over to Achilles with his sword , wearing the former immortal armor of Achilles , which he had taken from the dead Patroclus . Achilles , knowing well the weaknesses of his old armor , throwing the javelin to an open point of the neck Hector , but for poetic reasons not to cut the vocal chords . So Hector foretells the end of Achilles before the Sky Gate by Paris , and falls dead . Tragic moments after passing the parents and wife of Hector , Andromache , which has just climbed the walls and facing a horrible sight . Achilles drags the dead Hector around the walls of Troy with his chariot, abusive celebrating his victory.
Ioanna Kl., B1

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