NEW ACROPOLIS MUSEUM by 2nd Junior High School of Kalymnos, Dodecanese, Greece

    The new Acropolis Museum is an archaeological museum , built on the archaeological site Makriyannis , remnants of Roman and early Byzantine Athens , which houses every object has been found on the sacred rock of the Acropolis and its foothills , from the Mycenaean to the Roman period .
νέο μουσείο ακρόπολης
The collections of the museum into three levels , with a middle level houses the auxiliary spaces such as restaurant, shop and offices . The first level of the museum presented the findings of the slopes of the Acropolis . H long rectangular room and the sloping floor of mentioning in the ascent of the Acropolis . Then , the visitor is in another large hall , which houses the exhibits of the archaic period , as well as objects and sculptures from other buildings on the Acropolis as the Propylaea, the Erechtheum , the Temple of Athena Nike , etc. All these sculptures follow the chronological order of their creation . The gallery of the sculptures of the Parthenon has the same orientation as the temple of the sacred rock . Interesting is also the use of glass , since it allows the natural illumination of the room. Glass has been used in flooring , interior and exterior , to the visitor sees the excavations of the site . The whole construction is simple , without frills because nothing should distract the visitor from the exhibits .
Grief causes us Greeks visitors losing parts of the Parthenon , and sculptures ( Caryatids ) due to intentional theft . Remarkable is the letter K. Gavras to the HMC and management Acropolis Museum : ” The gradual ” decline ” of the Parthenon should not be attributed to accidental damage or any defects of construction , but the fanaticism of the people and barbarism successive invaders , among which includes looting Lord Elgin , ambassador of Great Britain . “


 This museum is one of the finest museums in the world , with hundreds of visitors daily , which although modest , highlights and showcases the culture , wealth and splendor of the ancient Greeks ! It is necessary to visit this museum because it is , in itself , a tribute from us to our ancestors . We must therefore , as a new generation of Greeks , to lift the weight of our cultural heritage and through this , to create a vision of modern Greece !



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