RINOKERITIS …. A DISEASE OF OUR TIME ! By 2nd Junior High School of Kalymnos, Dodecanese, Greece

   The Rinokeritis respect all people today of all ages .
It is a disease of our time . Actually epidemic transmitted at any age and is drawn mainly from the Greeks. Those ” stick ” this illness transformed into rhinoceroses , that pachyderms not dealing with anything substantial and the only thing that matters is to live and eat !
Unfortunately , there is no antidote , so , sooner or later , we all become ” rhinos “. Therefore , we will not see him born rhinoceros, but people converted in these animals .
This illness has been running for many years by the media The ” nest ” virus rinokeritidos are soap operas , reality shows , serials , even the news. They always try to create anxiety , insecurity, rivalry and passivity in humans. Make them shut themselves , become spineless people who can not think and are not troubled . Then be exploited and is easy to get trapped in scams of unscrupulous individuals .
However , there is no salvation for many people and the worst is that those most at risk are young people .
But some can be saved?
Well, we can ! Only the strongest will manage to save . They say they will resist and will not follow the crowd, which travels to self-destruct . They should shout loudly: ” No, I will not be blinded ! I WILL NOT BECOME YOURS ! ”


                      HARRY CH., Β3


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