Travelling – the Mayans – culture by 2nd Junior High School of Kalymnos, Dodecanese, Greece

χάρτης μάγιαThe Mayans are a people Indians of Central America . It occupies a continuous area in southern Mexico , Guatemala and northern Belize and speaks several languages ​​Mayan language family . Archaeologists and researchers Maya divided the living areas of the Maya peoples in 3 zones – north , central , south . The geographical , this division coincides with the linguistic division.

The extent of the Mayan civilization appears on this map with a red line. The black line shows the overall expansion of Mesoamerican cultures . Sites marked with a circle of Classical period and block those of Metaklassikis

Before the conquest of Mexico by the Spaniards the Maya had developed the greatest civilizations of the Western Hemisphere. Practiced agriculture , they built stone houses and pyramidal temples , treated tochalko and gold , knew weaving and used a form of hieroglyphic writing . The roots of the Mayan civilization reaches far back into prehistory , beyond 2000 BC which corresponds to the Archaic period . After starting the pre-classical period dating from 2000 BC until 250 AD Here , the classical period until 1000 AD End of the 1000-1540 dating the post-classical period.
The centers of the major cities included a rectangular plaza surrounded by three or four sides by artificial hills or platforms . Many times these squares were built on artificial mounds levels . On the flat surface of tall pyramidal temples were built . Squares were low and pyramids were used for bases palace with many rooms belonging mainly to aristocrats . The small centers consisted of a square , large , however , had several covering vast areas . Another feature of the city was the stadium where they play the very popular game of ball.
The archaeological monuments that have survived until today , allow us to draw the conclusion that their culture reached the level of most known civilizations of antiquity , Greece, Egypt , India , etc. Significantly developed their architecture , examples of which we have several . They built pyramids , temples , other buildings to decorate with remarkably stylish designs , sculptures and painted . Like all the tribes of America , so the Mayans were hit hard from the Spanish conquistadors and slowly – slowly began to disappear .


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