St. Nicodemus of the Holy Mountain , the strictest Orthodox Saint (which Decisions of the compilation of the Eastern Orthodox Church in Rudder ) writes in his book Eortodromion ( Orthodox Cell Edition – Thessaloniki , Volume A, page 176 ) : Two types of clinics treat the body of excellent physicians . Because they or against iatrefousi with … or against the same iatrefousi with identical … Thus the souls and bodies Physician main two types of surgeries in the emetacheiristhi us to incarnate this epidemic .
γυμναστική άσκηση2
So we see that the law of similars is often found in the texts of Orthodoxy to interpret the action of the Holy Apostles or even the same our Lord Jesus Christ . So in the First Letter to the Corinthians , IX 20-22 Apostle Paul refers to ” omoiotherapeftiko ” way of addressing people : … ” and egenomin per the Jews as a Jew , Jews fiber per win under the law as under the law , the fiber under law win, as per dissimilar fiber … lawless lawless win . Egenomin asthenesin as per patient , patients gain fiber , per common knowledge fact everything , fiber , however, save Tina . ”

Orthodox spiritual askisi2O Saint Gregory the Theologian says : ” The Lord is for us man was made fiber attached likes iasitai , soul to soul , flesh to flesh .”
Indeed the Lord proclaimed : ” I am the Life .” But it defeats death as life , but ” death by death epatise fiber attached likes the bar iasitai ” .

” Two kinds of surgeries treat the bodies of excellent physicians . Because they or against iatrefousi with … or against the same iatrefousi the same . ”
Eortodromion – Saint Nicodemus the Athonite (1749-1809)
ορθόδοξη πνευματική άσκηση2
” The same can be treated with the same ”
” The highest and only mission of the physician is to restore the patient’s health .”
Organon of the healing art – Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843)

Finally and St. Maximus the Confessor stated in the law of similars : ” … Meanwhile mystery of the Divine economy learners mind a thafmastin xenotropon supported Science and Medicine , because he sees in it not against the iatrefontai by the against , as laws and Physicians and Natural appointed , but rather iatrefontai the like for the like . Does that gar by poverty Word of God healed the poverty of ours , through passion . This iatrefthisan our passions , by the death of ours and death through His decay ours healed wear ” .

Orthodox spiritual askisiTeleionontas mention that Samuel Christian Friedrich Hahnemann , father of homeopathy , there never was a Mason , so we hunted . Father of nine children forced to change his residence 46 times πνευματική ορθόδοξη άσκηση. The coachman was plundered many times and simultaneously destroyed valuable medications that were manufactured by hand and with great effort . Hahnemann , therefore , was very religious and therefore a deep understanding of the Bible and patristic texts , so the ideas of man coincide with Christian ideas , such as the Life Force as stated in Genesis Breath of Life . Also the first created before sin were immortal and so are not ill . Disease and death is a consequence of original sin ( Genesis ) .



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