ARROUND THE WORLD IN HALF AN HOUR by 2nd Junior High School of Kalymnos, Dodecanese, Greece

Tobu World SquareTo admire all the attractions of our planet , we must turn around the world and spent a lot of time and , above all, a lot of money . Tobu World Square2   Now , however , some thought something ” simple ” : instead of people going to these attractions , the sights come on people ! Of course not as it is, but a tad ” gathered ” size ” and ” packaging , catching little space , which one can turn in half an hour , so to speak .

Tobu World Square6

In other words , they made mini worlds , where you can walk around ” ” planet in a while , ” ” across the country in a few minutes and a few steps , ” ” whole town ! ”

Tobu World Square1Let’s go ” , then, ” Tobu World Square” Japan. Here , within a few minutes, covers a distance for which they would like hours or days after the major tourist attractions are just a few meters apart . In the park ” Tobu” are 42 miniatures of the main attractions of the world and dozens of other buildings that represent the architecture and culture of various countries . All buildings are 25 times smaller than the real and faithful copies with amazing details . Those details include the weaklings who ” run ” around the sights . Total space of the park there are 140,000 weaklings who , with a height of 7.5 cm each, and they are 25 times smaller than regular people . The terrible Japanese made ​​them all completely different, with different attitudes or move each !

Tobu World Square3

    The ” Tobu World Square” began construction in April 1993 and took about five years to complete and begin receiving the public. All miniatures are surrounded by buildings total 20,000 bonsai trees in different seasons .    Tobu World Square4What do you say, we visit Japan?

Tobu World Square5



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