Fashion and personality by 2nd Junior High School of Kalymnos, Dodecanese, Greece

μόδα και προσωπικότηταThe changes make the mood:

To renew our wardrobe often adding some new pieces
To throw away our old clothes which we associate with negative events of our lives
To find cheap clothes in great variety.

Conclusion : You should always be moving forward and to seek in all areas of our lives , even in the dressing . You should pay more attention to the dressing and let us see it as a means to elevate our mood .

μόδα και προσωπικότητα1 OTHER SOCIAL PROFILE

Our clothes are an extension of ourselves and should not be treated casually our outfit.  Many hidden messages can be revealed by careful observation of the clothes wearing one, while there aren’t few times when a wrong stylistic choice , make fall down our psychological situation.

We choose the clothes we wear :
Either because they fit the body.
Either because we believe fit our style and highlight our personality


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