For a pittance “- Participation in the short story competition for high schools organized by the group filanagnosias of the Second High School of Kalymnos

And the ship sails . The master puts forth the machines and my long journey begins. I start my new life , I begin the journey of no return . Scalding tears rising in the eyes of my mother and a cry to her lips , a bye and a wish for a good journey . My wife cries all , and sees the boat moving away more and more. Crying because he knows I will not be even in the birth of our child . I will not be there to share the joy of it . When our son will spell the first word , I ‘ll be in Australia . Everyone is cheerless day, people , sky and even birds . I promised myself not to cry and that I like .

But how do you know if curbs are not likely to ever see each other again with your family , your people , your country ? But I promised , I will not cry .

After a lengthy journey , we finally reach the so-called ” Promised Land ,” as some call it . A relative of mine , Alexis , waiting enthusiastically and comes towards me :

– Welcome my friend.

Welcome – I found you , my escapes spontaneously and then stay silent , looking at the landscape in front of me .
για ένα κομμάτι ψωμί2
– This here , my friend , are Australia , tells me and knocks gently on the shoulders . After helping me to load my luggage into the car , guide me in my new home .

Squaring my things and lie down on my bed . I begin to meditate. Suddenly I see my whole life pass in front of my eyes . Reciprocal surprised how I ended the comfortable and full of prosperity my life at a time until withdrawal of needed goods . This economic crisis has led to this situation . It was a last resort . I regret many things in my life , as this loan. Ruined my life . So I migrated to take breath financially. But now that I’m here , all my problems will be solved … I think.

However , the difficulties are not slow to appear. From the first few weeks all my plans thwarted . Although I gave my resume to various jobs , none of them accepted me . I can not find a steady job and so I’m not able to cope on my various obligations . They all emphasized here that will surely find a job quickly and that nothing will stand in my way . But I never stop seeking employment. But from what it seems , it will be late too …για ένα κομμάτι ψωμί1

As if this was not enough , from the very first moment I arrived here , facing diverse problems in my communication with the native inhabitants . Difficulty both in English , I do not understand almost nothing of what they say. Again I will say well there and Alex and communicates that in my post . From toddler to me ‘ he always said my mother , read, learn letters , an education , but I do nothing . The wood though I ate from my mom , I ‘ve devoted to the araliki me . Now remember these words and regret many things in my life . But now it’s too late . This course who displeases most is the fact that the lack of this ability does not promote fellowship and socializing with my other people , so I’m not able to create a strong friendly bond. So many times I feel cut off and isolated from my destination .

After two months of dedicated searching, a not so profitable work . I could find something better, but unfortunately I’m a ‘ Greek in a foreign land . As at home , so here too the foreigners are treated with suspicion and hostility . Constantly , there are some who seek to downplay our personality and overthrow our mental balance. Certainly no shortage of incidents where people , like me , thirsty for work για ένα κομμάτι ψωμίas it is , the victims of that exploit local pain , their need and hire them by paying them a pittance for a debilitating and long working hours . So upload them to their chores .

Every day this monotonous routine ! I wake up , go to work and home again . A few days ago actually gave birth and my wife . A healthy baby boy with black hair and brown eyes . Oh , how I miss those moments ! This is literally breaks my heart . Pigeonhole my country and my family . Removal me than intimate and familiar with has devastated mentally. I miss them all so much! The sun , the summer , the pleasant family moments , everything, everything . I want to go back to my hometown Kalymnos , to come out the first time my son !

(After nine months) The phone rings and heave with longing . It’s my wife . Sγια ένα κομμάτι ψωμί3teeped pleasure to announce that our son said his first word . Shout Dad ! I can not help myself from emotion and longing and get tears . Leaving the bedside handset , lie full of pride . After harrowing hours awake , a dream makes me wake up abruptly and a shiver went through my whole body . The only response I was to get my hands tightly fixed my phone and phoned my husband :

Come , Anastasia, I’ll turn back ! Back to Kalymnos !

 Magkoulia Nicoletta , 1o Gymnasium Kalymnos


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