Traditional Dancing of Kalymnos, Dodecanese, Greece – kalymniotikos or Mechanic Dancing

Eleftheria N., B3 typed it . We thank her warmly.

The dance is danced at various events such as weddings , feasts and festivals and is very likable . It is purely masculine dance  of the diver who was diving with the scafadre and he was ill with the desease of divers, he was like a non-walker man. It is a representation of  gripped engineering , ie the diver in scuba diving and caught , having suffered the bends that were hemiparalysis . This dance began almost 50 years ago , but the roots of the real dance with a hero truly caught mechanical, dating from the end of last century Then we had the first engineers first stiff utter ignorance of the rules of diving was the reason there were many unfortunate victims of this type that is chapped  and  caught . According to the story , the engineer flicker falls down and again he becomes stand up dancing to the accompaniment of special engineers, inspired by the divers’ bravery and full of values life .


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