Mar. 21 day dedicated to children with Down. Watch the exciting, heartbreaking, hopeful video

” Dear Expectant Mom , do not be afraid ‘ : 15 children with Down syndrome give life lessons

A shocking video entitled ” Dear Expectant Mom ” on the occasion of the World Day for children with Down syndrome went to YouTube, in an effort to understand these expectant parents , that children with this genetic condition can be happy , it has become extremely popular , with over 1,200,000 views .

The video , which went to YouTube, on the occasion of World Day for Down Syndrome Friday , trying to offer peace of mind to prospective parents who learn that their child has a syndrome Down.

The film is created by the company Saatchi & Saatchi presents a group of 15 young adults and children from all over Europe , Syndrome Down.

Everyone of them sends a poignant message in an expectant mother who just learned that your child has a particular genetic condition .

The video has so far been viewed over one million times , begins with the following statement : On February 9, we received this email from an expectant mom . ‘ I expect a baby . I discovered that ‘s syndrome Down. I fear : what kind of life will my child ? ‘ “.

The message goes on to say : “Today we answer this mom .”

Then shows a group of young people with Syndrome Down, addressed to the expectant mom explaining what you can do to her child.

They say : ” Dear Expectant Mom , do not fear , your child will be able to do many things . I could embrace . You can run towards you . You can talk to you and tell you he loves you . ”

Participants who speak various European languages ​​, continues : ” You can go to school , like any child . You can learn to write. And you can write to you. ”

The video concludes: “Sometimes it is difficult . Very difficult . Almost impossible . But that is not for every mother ? . Dear expectant mom , your kid can be happy . As I am too . And you ‘ll be happy . ”

Source : Daily Mail


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