A journey to Istambul-Princes by the students of 1st High School of Xanthi, as part of its project “Recipes for Kids”

We thank very much Mrs Lampaki Olympia, the responsible of the tour, Professor of Physical Education. She said us the text and images. Enjoy and travel with them by mind as we do all the time!!!


“The 1st School of Xanthi successfully completed 4 days study trip to Istanbul – Princes . The trip was part of the European Programme etwinning “Recipes for kids”. The trip involved 37 students / or tri , three professors / or tri – Lampaki Olympia , Papias Nalbantis Mariana & George , president of the Parents’ Association , Ms Maria Gkagkoni and member Mr Vasiloudi Sula . The contribution and assistance of the two ladies was catalytic in making and successful completion of the tour , which is why we feel the need to thank you and the public .

The welcome extended to us by the school that we visited which is located on the Asian side of Istanbul , exceeded all our expectations by far . Apart from the warm climate on our arrival , was organized in honor of our event which aired Xanthi and Istanbul , were rotating plaques and commemorative gifts to all attendees . Also followed a musical performance by the students there and representation of cultural events that help strengthen the ties of friendship and cooperation between the two countries . Finally , it was failure not to mention the excellent buffet with local delicacies prepared to honor us and show off your culinary tastes of the region . Laid the groundwork for continuing education cooperation and exchange visits in the future . Responded positively to our invitation to go to the city of Xanthi.
olympia-xanthi4Our tour to famous engagment worldwide as the Hagia Sophia , Cistern of Justinian , Museum Miniatures, and leading stations of Christianity , the Orthodox Church – Theological School of Halki , the Baloukli and Notre Vlachernon left the best impressions and loud emotions in children and adults . We met there the Bursa Metropolitan Holiness , who was our great honor to be photographed with us and gave us images of the Virgin Mary.



Finally , we would omit if not thank Tonia agency travel, Citizen reputable tour guide Mr Alekos , and of course Mr. Genghis did her best for us.

agia sophia-polis1
The responsible of the tour

Lampaki Olympia , Professor of Physical Education

and some of her students



4 thoughts on “A journey to Istambul-Princes by the students of 1st High School of Xanthi, as part of its project “Recipes for Kids”

    • I’m agree! let’s welcome him! if he wishes, makes me as a contact, or if he knows how to do it, let’s join to “Diving..”. :-))


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