Donation of Greek Cathedral School in Boston for the internet of our school !

αρκούδα κασκόλWith great gratitude and joy we come to inform you that the Greek School of the Cathedral of Boston Orthodox Metropolis where the aidesimologiotatos Archimandrite Father Cleopas directs  round, donated an amount “as a reward of beautiful efforts” of the children of our school, as father Kleopas wrote us. The amount is a significant help. Our sincere thanks are temporarily in this announcement and will send formal when we’ll collect the amount and we will post on the wall of the school hall our new website our table. At school in Boston we will send a small sample of our gratitude with handmade knitted creations of our schoolgirls of our knitting group .
With warm thanks,
Teachers Association , the Association of Parents and the students of 2nd Junior  HighSchool of Kalymnos

the photo is aidesimologiotatos Archimandrite Cleopas Round, director of the Greek school of the Cathedral and the Boston parade shows the school parade in Boston on March 25, 2014 . The next photo is a view of the Greek school of Boston.

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