How to protect Internet, by 1st High School of Xanthi, Greece

 by Elias Koulalis PE19, ICT TEACHER IN 1ST High school OF Xanthi

social age-quiz


• Do not reveal your personal details, such as your real name,

age , address , phone number , school name or your photo.

• When you do not know the sender of an email, you just do not open it .

• The password on the internet is there for safety reasons , so only you

and your parents will need to know . If he knows a third party may

pretend to be you and to expose .

• There are websites that their content may be unsuitable for you , so

what to avoid .

• Do you prefer e-mail addresses that contain the initials “https”. The “s”

means safety (security).

• For your own safety do not participate in online gambling , because beyond

the fact that it is illegal , you may be exposed to undesirable situations .

Spam (spam mail)

The so-called spam or junk mail messages are annoying or unpleasant for the

consignee content. At spam mail advertisements about undesirable

products , services and websites, as well as several other types of e-mail

(unsolicited newsletters). these messages are a practice prohibited

Ethics of the Internet and the laws of most European

Member . This is because endangering the safety of personal data

Internet users and secure the safety of the networks.

The user should pay particular attention to not answer such messages ,

nor those with the words “remove me from the mailing list”, which instead

withdraw his email address , as promised , confirm that it is

active and continue to bombard the user’s inbox with more

The user can use the filters offer the most

web mail to delete these messages , or to properly set up the program

management mailing his computer through options given by the

tabs in the menu of the program .

Also , there are programs on the Internet to combat spam mails, which

can be installed locally and monitor incoming correspondence

Filters protection

Any Internet user can and should use email filters

Mail (Anti Spam). This way you can identify the unwanted

mail (junk mail).

• Installed software protection (Anti Virus), which will control the computer

and you will eliminate any viruses .

• Save favorites to websites you visit and use often

because there is a danger in seeking to make a spelling mistake and

find yourself on pages with inappropriate or offensive content.

Cyber ​​Bullying

To Cyber ​​Bullying happens when someone or some people use the internet or other

through digital technology to threaten , to torture , to challenge , to

humiliate , annoy , or to fool others.

There are , however, in these cases self ways :

• Never give your password to others.

• Do not answer the same way to such messages . Once

answer , and you do the same thing.

• Do you know what is sent and what you accept as well the recipient and

sender .

• Do not send messages with personal data .

• Never pretend you ‘re someone else / other.

• Talk to someone you trust , like your parents or your teacher or

Increase your siblings .

• Do not respond to any message you receive from unknown sender .

• Change your nickname (nickname) and your password .

• Use a special filter for emails , so you can

isolated annoying .

Chat Rooms

If you have created a profile on Facebook, Myspace, your Hi5, twitter, instagram,

the Msn Messenger etc , you can do a lot to protect yourself :

• You can choose the people who will be in your contacts .

• Avoid using your real name.

• You can use any image or photo of your favorite

assembly instead of your picture .

• Do not upload to the internet your personal photos or videos , because it can

copied and published on other online sites, from which they will

can be deleted .

• Do not add to your friends list people who do not know , even if they say

to know you while you not.

• You have the option to interrupt all communication when someone starts to make your

very personal questions or questions of sexual content .

• Is constantly in mind that people who know the internet can not be

they say it is.

” To meet up somewhere ? ”

Generally you should avoid to meet people you know on the internet , since there

you can be sure that they are indeed what they say they are. However, if

decided to meet :

• Settle the meeting to be in public. Indeed , it would be good to choose

a place where you hang out and known.

• Undoubtedly it is better to go with a group rather than alone / h Ask a friend or

Your relatives have friendly person in relation to accompany .

• Before you go, your parents informed about this meeting.

How to protect pages on social networking

You should never post on social networks regardless of the settings

Your security :

1) The birthday

The problem is that the birthday is one of the few data

need someone to steal your password or our identity . If

possible, not to mention any date.

2) The status of our relationship

Whether you have a relationship or not , it is not always the best idea to publish . You

to trigger a disruptive users , even shifty us

bombard with messages .

Such irritation can usually be treated with block or reference

user , but in case he knows enough about the things you

complicated .

There are few cases where the stalker, « Hunters ” ie , have reached the end

users closer to social networks and even face-to-

person .

The best thing you can do is to completely ignore the relationship status ,

order to prevent any kind of disturbance.

3) On our site

Many users of social networking site use quite often

service geotagging social network to publish their

their location in status and their messages , photos and of course through

of check-in.

The problem here is that the recipient of this information is not only friends

us , but possibly cunning , who will not be jealous . knowing

the location and possibly how long we are there and how will we get

return , there is some possibility to exploit the situation . several

times in the past, users who are regularly published by a holiday

victim of burglary .

Instead of ” upload ” photos from our mobile and call all over the Internet

how nice we go on vacation , it would be the safest to use

Text messaging and publish the photos after returning home .

4 ) The fact that we are alone at home

Especially for young children, who tend to ‘ advertise ‘ such events

their friends (and simultaneously over the Internet ) such tactics can

dangerous. The reasons are obvious and more or less the same as the two

previous data .

This issue indeed one of the major reasons that parents should

to proactively monitor mounts their children on the internet , but also to

care to inform them of the potential risks .

Obviously, the same can be true for teenagers or even adults .

5) Photos and names of children , relatives and friends

The vast majority of parents on social networks publish photographs of

children together with the name and date of birth . In many cases this

done before sooner return from hospital . simultaneously publish

photos of family and friends making «tag» their names without prior

obtain their consent .

This may cause two kinds of problems . First, using these

information , even if it’s just a name , the stackers can more easily

approach you or even your kids , pretending to be some known

friends or relatives.

Besides, there is still the issue of using these photographs as individuals

shown may not want to publish on the internet , especially if

photos include their name .

We can get the permission of relatives or friends for publishing, without of course

make them «tag» by name .


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