Book Review : “Makedonia ever and for ever Greece”

Μακεδονία πάντα και για πάντα Ελλάδα

Title: Macedonia always and forever Greece

Author: Poti Stratiki

Publisher: Stratikis,  images: Severino Baraldi, pages: 61

Language :  Greek

Case: The name “Macedonia” the first said by Herodotus. Homer had mentioned in his epics tribes inhabiting pelagic Macedonia. Among these tribes were the Paionians, who inhabited the north of Macedonia and with their king Pyraechnes took part in the Trojan War.

Macedonia has been inhabited since the Paleolithic era yet. This beautiful country was Greek. Its inhabitants were Greeks. Facing one of the treasures of Vergina feel awe and pride and holding in his hands and the heart of the solid proof that Macedonia was, is and always will be the flesh of the flesh of Greece.

Book Reviews’ Marathon’s Presentation, 2009-2010, 5th Primary School of Kalymnos, fourth grade, Michael Roditis




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