Report – Presentation of the homeworks at A’ Class’s Project with the subject : School and Social Life – 2014 – 2nd Gymnasium Kalymnos, Dodecanese, Greece

The report prepared by the Working Group Chair: Educational programs and innovations, supportive and compensatory interventions, Panou Maria.

Report – Presentation of the Project Operations

In its annual engagement with the theme of A’ Class school Project work that took part in :

A) The  A1 Class worked on: “School and the Internet”  and prepared the works described in the report composed by pupils / students of A1, the following:

PROJECT A ‘Class, 2014

προτζεκτ Α' Γυμνασίου 2014

In the course of the project this year, the first school, we learned about internet safety, ie ασφαλές διαδίκτυοcreated rules and suggest tips for proper use of the internet, such as: should not we give our personal stoicheiasfales diadiktyoa anyone because it can turn against us Please …. do not go to sites that are not trusted because they can hurt us getting … You should never open malicious messages. In short we must be careful everything on the internet … I need to put username and do not write in large letters on to someone else because it suggests that the shout. Nor should we write with greeglish why we Greeks will forget how we write our language … The INTERNET is a very dangerous thing and there are very bad things if you do not know the dangers and how to avoid them. But when we know the rules, we can learn cheerful and exciting (a questionnaire found on: (

Also, we completed several questionnaires on diet and what we would like to change classroom and in our school.

We  particularly impressed us the pixton, because it is very fun to create your own characters will star in comic you anκομικςd we love that we create history as we want with our own thoughts and ideas. We learned how to make comics (cartoons) and we make stories on friendships from different cultures through the pixton. We took part in a contest cartoon theme: “We live together – Short stories of different friends.” In this contest we all split into groups and we created the web comic with great themes like: “Two different cultures meet”, “Friendship in different social classes.” The results will be announced on 03 July 2014, which will be exhibition of the students who participated and will be awarded the best stories. With this app you become more creative and broaden your imagination. You can make your own characters and stages. This program we loved (


We learned how to make online posters on the gift of rain through the application Also we made and the program “RealtimeBoard” we created a table with this same issue. We found ways we can exikonomisoume water in Kalymnos. In this work we give tips on how we can utilize rainwater in our island, Kalymnos, proposed, ie, how we can capitalize on Kalymnos by rainwater. We learned how to utilize the water without wastage. It was very interesting and we learned many things useful and fun (Nicholas Ampelas). With the gift of rain we learned many things about the environment for the damage that occurred in Pserimos and Kalymnos.



In these two nationwide competitions have worked hard and we got a good result and we all praise for our work.
γιαουρτογλυκό-φοτομπαμπλAlso we used
fotobabble. The fotobabble is a program that you put a background image (eg lasagne) and talking about the ingredients or the description. We learned through the implementation fotobabble how to take a picture and make it talk. This application was very funny and we loved it.

Also dealt with Voki. Here you get an emoticon talking and describing yourself. In voki with which we played, we created everyone and each one face to represent us.

Finally, To project is a lesson that helps you learn things for the world, for our peers, but also for ourselves. The project helped us to understand all these things with the help of a very good teacher. Understand who is right and what is wrong. We learned things that helped us in our daily life, such as making friends, regardless of whether they believe in another religion, although in a different color if you have a different culture, that no matter the color, religion or faith, we can not Fooling because we do not like us if we laugh about our color and our religion. We learned to look after our environment, our world, people around us. Be fair and do not gesture, because we would not like us.

This course was unfamiliar to us, but we were thrilled. Struck us that we learned many different interesting things. For the sake of this lesson we have learned to work together for a purpose, we learned more things about the internet and some features, which we did not know before. I hope next time to deal with more programs! (Savas – Stamatis Karageorgiou, A1). It was very fun and thanked us very (Lefteris Glynatsis – Nicholas Korfias). All the classmates around me felt good and so did a lot of interesting work (Dimitris Gkylena, Lefteris walnuts).

thankyou padlet
B) A2 under the subsection of the course: “We live Together, We belong to the group” chose to raise a responsible lady Tasopoulou Maria, Professor of German Literature, the Monoprakta Brecht, who teach experiential way the racing mood for change of social situations.


C) A3, prepared presentation about Feelings – Communicate, I, myself, a solemn professor Music Lady Magdalene Zechariah, Music. Enjoy it!

Magda – project – Παρουσίαση του Microsoft Office PowerPoint (2)
δελφίνια, θάλασσα

We believe that the objectives of the course to reach its completely spherical and every aspect of human personality, society and communication between people and communities reached with the above work. Thanks for the guidance and direction we advice you to learn together with our students knowledge that will never become obsolete.

Responsible Professors:

A1 – Maria Panos, PEO1, Theologian
A2 – Tasopoulou Mary PE07, German Literature
A3 – Sugar Magdalen, PE16,  Musical


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