EVALUATION TEAM REPORT V – MA’IOS 2014 Educational programs and innovations, supportive and compensatory interventions of 2nd Junior High School of Kalymn, Dodecanese, Greece

The 2nd Gymnasium Kalymnos, the last two years, from 2012 to 2013 and from 2013 to 2014, encouraged creativity, regarding the development and implementation of the following optional educational programs:
1. Environmental team from 2012 to 2013 with the professors responsible scholars Koutsoumpos Zacharoula, Galouzi Maria Trikilis Argiro, and the mathematical school Rigogiannis Dimitrios and on “Sustainable developmentEffects on the human environmentAgricultural crops in DeepSmall Oikomonadesa group of 40 children from the three classes of our school were divided into groups and treated with the guidance of their professors work on the valley of Vathi Kalymnos.
Findings: Through observation and research, from interviews with relevant stakeholders (DEYAK-Municipality) and the contact and communication with local residents, students and troubled sensitized on issues of environmental protection and sustainability, not only for quality of life, but also as a prerequisite for the economic development of their region. The program ended with the visit of the environmental team at CCI of Naoussa, which dealt with such issues. This work is contained in the work – presentation:. This paper posted online in our school newspaper KALYMNOSKOPIO.”
Two. Environmental team from 2013 to 2014 with the professors responsible scholars Koutsoumpos Zacharoula, Galouzi Maria Trikilis Argiro and on “The mountains of Kalymnos a sustainable perspective.”
Findings. Through this program the students came into contact with the natural environment of their country, experienced a new sport climbing, and understood the benefits of alternative tourism. A prerequisite, however, is learning to protect the natural environment. This paper posted online in our school newspaper KALYMNOSKOPIO.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=-YQ28elBkeo
Three. On September 9, 2012 to today we established three online newspapers as today operate with consistency and accountability of students and teachers who have undertaken. These are:
a. Kalymnoskopio at: http://www.2ogymnasiokalymnou.wordpress.com. The readership of the newspaper (22,188 reads so far) spans America, Russia, Australia, Europe and Asia where it is read under the table statistics website from all Kalymnians diaspora and the Greeks generally. With the work of our students become cause of informing everywhere Kalymnians for current and contemporary issues relating to our island. Also, several schools did us the honor to publish the work of the students by giving the opportunity to widen the readership of our newspaper online. In place SOURCES placed instructions and online tools that help in drawing up projects all grades and high school.
b. “Orthodox Theology“: The 2nd Gymnasium religious Kalymnos “- A modern, innovative approach to religious education: http://www.2gympsilkalymn.wordpress.com created and hosted in this online school newspaper:
i. a purely theological site (58,192 readings to date), which hosts the novel and innovative efforts:
1. The students we have developed an online job, online documentsthree books, one for each class of the Gymnasium, recommendations and work with the students of each class on the textbook of their religious two school years 2013-2014 and 2012-213. These documents tabled at the University of Athens, at the Theological Faculty (Department of Graduate Studies, Department: Pastoral Theology and Social Education), where we propose a different approach to teaching religious education specializing in the Study of the Bible and Church History. We have the pleasure and honor to assure that 95 fellow theologians have asked us to share these documents with content and work in religious exercises each class of our school by sending our warm congratulations and thank you messages.
Two. Blogs / weblogs (blogs), one for each section of each class, which inputs the work of students / schoolgirl every class and to be enriched by simply teaching material each year in the current portion of each class, with diverse interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary content with the prospect of hosting work each course in time (for example see: http://a2-2ogymnasiokalymnou.blogspot.gr/).
ii. Additionally we provide students readers of our website can make reps and pronounce with the help of various online tools (“makebeliefsacomix.com / comic”, “blubbr.tv”, fotobabble.com “,” issuu.com “,” padlet.com “,” realtimeboard.com “,” voicethread.com “, wordpress.com blogs, google.docs, google presentations, simplebooklets, forms / questionnaires etc.), opinions, judgments, questions about an influential Orthodox theological issues employ teenagers this critical age.
Findings: Through this newspaper we invite theologians and students, all of our readers to join in our effort to build a bank issues, courses, exams, patristic and ecclesiastical interests involving their own and each person concerned.
4. «Diving in the Oceans of Knowledge!”: Www.oureuropeanschooljournal.wordpress.com. In collaboration with 33 European and Greek schools, 39 teachers, 359 students and six visitors at the moment, working with the European educational program etwinning.net and publish that newspaper to work on agreed activities among students of all schools (readability: 9.106 readings until today), as presented in the particular area of our work in eTwinning, http://new-twinspace.etwinning.net/c/portal/layout?p_l_id=21828789. The name of this European online school newspaper suggested by our school and was enthusiastically accepted by all schools, teachers and students of the program as imaginative and original, with the color of our island of Kalymnos. The first issue was released on December 20, 2012. Preparing the release of the fifth issue on 20 May 2014. Through this program the students of our schools learn to understand the diversity in race, religion, color, thinking and working together in a spirit of friendship, cooperation and curiosity, expanding their mental horizons. Also at “SOURCESprovide English enables teachers and students participating in our online newspaper to have access to educational programs European clubs and groups.
Also cooperated with the 12th Acharnon Gymnasium (Olympic Village) and a Turkish school and we made a funny pirate story published and enjoyed, laughed and learned through the cooperation between the two peoples and their students so that we may with good will same salt Aegean and the same land his Greek (Asia Minor), which hosts the two peoples (http://storybird.com/books/the-big-defeat-part-1/?utm_source=storybird&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=collaborator-publication-notice
For our work was awarded in the name of the project manager, Mary Panos, Theologian of the school with the National eTwinning Quality Lebel, award by the National Quality Label for the project “Diving in the Oceans of Knowledge!”, 12.09.2013, 2nd High School of Kalymnos, Greece.
Findings: We call on online school newspaper created each person to read and recommend our efforts to others. In these papers cover a year, unless the issues mentioned, and various interesting activities like the theater group of students, our environmental work of the students, the findings of the Health Education, the work produced by the students of Gymnasium at course of the project, the sports activities of the students and their participation in sporting events, and the work developed in literature courses.
5. Since April 2014 the mathematician, Mr. Dimitrios Rigogiannis up a Reading Clubwith 20 students, urged them to read the book “Achmes, the son of the Moon,” the author Tefkrou Michaelides, which deals with ancient Egyptian units measuring the contribution of mathematical Achmes arithmetic.
Findings: Through discussions, interviews, maths games and puzzles that have sharpened the minds of the students participating in this program helped the participating students to better understand the math class.
Also, our students with motivation and encouragement of our mathematics, Mr. Fati Rigogiannis Dimitrios Athanasiou and take place over a number of years in the Panhellenic Mathematical Competitions Thales“, “EUCLID“, “Kangaroo” with remarkable success.
6. Lesson In «Project A ‘Gymnasium’ on ‘School and Social Lifeparted segments A gymnasium and we gave each section a subsection of the matter. Thus:
a. A2 with the responsible teacher of German, Mrs. Maria Tasopoulou and on “We and others” presented the play entitled Terror and misery G’Raich one-act plays by Brecht.” The video will be posted after the shows in the online school newspaper KALYMNOSKOPIO.”
b. The A’3, headed by professor of music, Lady Magdalene Zechariah and on “Communicate, feel, myselfprepared presentation about emotions ().
c. A1 with the responsible theologian Maria Panos and on ‘School and the Internet created questionnaires on the rules for using the Internet and the Internet and security ((https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1rAPOTp-WTWRK1ON624u1K0hYkK0OR6Kymm0apvamvHY/viewform#start=openform).
i. Also took part in two national competitions:
One. 1st Contest Comics: We live together: Stories of different friends” using the program: «pixton.com» (http://www.pixton.com/comic/7jey4tff, http://www.pixton.com/comic / pmek6e2y, http://Pixton.com/gr/:223ymtcf) The results will come out on July 3rd in Rhodes.
Two. GIFT OF RAIN IN OUR Kalymnos! The INTERACTIVE POSTER U.S., using Internet tools “realtimeboard.com” (https://realtimeboard.com/app/32130540/) and “padlet.com” (http://padlet.com/wall/to-dwro- tis-vrohis). Got praise and pin each student who participated.
ii. We learned how to create documents in google.docs application where pupils taught us to write the evaluation report of the course in the final outcome, and to create talking photos with the program “fotobabble” (http://www.fotobabble.com / m/UVZOQjVIVTg0S1U9), “pixton.com / pixture” (http://www.pixton.com/gr/comic/x28mbexq), “voki.com (http://www.voki.com/pickup.php? scid = 9253122 & height = 267 & width = 200) “.
7. Our school develops annual theatrical group of our students, with remarkable efficiency projects, in a number of years. We report on a brief historical review of the action of the following:
a. Participation and awards at Panhellenic Art Student Competitions, Regional Games:
i. 2006 Third Prize in the modern theater in the 12th Panhellenic Art Student Competitions, Regional Games
ii. 2007 Second prize in contemporary theater at the 13th Panhellenic Art Student Competitions, Regional Games
iii. 2008, First Prize in the modern theater in the 14th Panhellenic Art Student Competitions, Regional Games
b. Theatre in Kalymnos
i. 2009: The Birds of Aristophanes,
ii. 2010: semolina, fairy tale adapted for the theater.
c. This year the theater of the Municipality of Kalymnos we raised two plays:
i. The course of A’Gymnasiou, subgroup 2: We and the other, the one-act plays by Brecht, entitled Terror and misery of the Third Reich” with remarkable success and popularity of the public who attended (http:// 2ogymnasiokalymnou.wordpress.com/2014/05/13.
ii. The theater group‘s 2nd High Kalymnos staged on 14, 15 and 16 May 2014 the play “Mousetrap” Agatha Christie with great success. Thus,
Assessment: In-theater
A. students acquire theatrical education, exercised in teamwork and collaboration.
B. The school opened the door to the society of our island and contacted with teaching how pleasant and efficient lifestyles and social and moral attitudesbehaviors (http://2ogymnasiokalymnou.wordpress.com/2014/05/06).
8. Mental Health Program with the responsible scholar lady Mitrogianni Panagiota and Natural Royal TSOTOU on “I rely on my feet,” where children participated with great appetite and interest. Their work posted on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N2tdaFI6YSc
9. Participation of our students in sports and leagues in basketball, soccer and volleyball.
10. The course of Modern Greek Language and responsible philologist lady Koutsoumpos Zacharoula students of C2 created original video on Racism, written and directed by the students themselves and videotaping by the responsible teacher. Once we receive permission from their guardians will upload the video to school online newspaper “KALYMNOSKOPIO” and Youtube. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N2tdaFI6YSc).
11. Care school garden.” The students made ​​systematic planting the perimeter of the school trees supplied by the Municipality of Kalymnos. See the article in the online newspaper “KALYMNOSKOPIO»: http://2ogymnasiokalymnou.wordpress.com/2014/02/
12. An interview our students via SKYPE to Antarctica! With the initiative of Physics Prof. Stavros Koukioglou Pupils us had the amazing opportunity to speak and interview by a Greek doctor in Antarctica via SKYPE, where they had a chance to ask and learn amazing feats of people on our planet and could survive in space (http://2ogymnasiokalymnou.wordpress.com/2014/03/30% 83% CF% 89-skype-)
13. Finally, for the first time developed an original, novel and innovative initiative, conceived by and responsible to the theologian of the school, Maria Panos, created a knitting group with the voluntary 20 female students of the school and in order to help, so our school gain with our contribution another interactive whiteboard to have him desperately needs. For this purpose, the program is developed in three stages:
a. 80 stylish knitted scarves that sold in the bazaar square.
b. Braids and ornaments we made 30 Easter candles that release to bargain
c. Knitted scarves summer, where in September with our comeback in school will allocate to bargain in order to collect the amount of the value of our interactive table. With vigilant work schoolgirls our economic contribution of the theatrical team of our school, offering love from expatriates Boston (our effort touched upon posting of the online newspaper “KALYMNOSKOPIOthe Greek Diaspora of Boston, specifically the Greek Cathedral School in Boston and we accepted the donation on behalf of the Greek Cathedral School in Boston, the Branch Manager of the School, then aidesimologiotato am Round Cleopas, now Bishop of Sweden and All Nordic, 210 euros for the web our school) and the school board interactive whiteboard purchased and placed in a room that will house the second grade. You can see samples of our work in our online school newspaper “KALYMNOSKOPIO», http://2ogymnasiokalymnou.wordpress.com/2014/02/21/, http://2ogymnasiokalymnou.wordpress.com/2014/04/11/, http://2ogymnasiokalymnou.wordpress.com/2014/05/13/

The program manager
Maria Panos, PE01 PE02
Koutsoumpos Zacharoula, PE01


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