The cake! – Girls Camp 2014

And because you have anxiety which team won the cake, after spending a marathon five different disciplines, knowledge and practice, proud to announce that all axixame cake but first among equals groups were:
The first group, Istanbul won the primary period of the cake, strawberry cream that read first prize”, eklerakia distributed to all the children of the camp and a tablespoon gave each kataskinotria a spoonful of the cake. So the cake and the love in Christ became one! Love! and sweetness!
τούρτα σοκολατίνα
The fourth team in the school year, St. Phoebe, took the first prize, chocolate strawberry wrote first prize” and also sharedeklerakia” (little sweets with cream and chocolate) the other children who rejoiced the heart of the winning team. So the rivalry and Christian love triumphed again by highlighting the value of our lives in Christian camping of our Church.

Our cakes donated by our Reverend Father Mr. Paisios and we thank him warmly. We also thank all the parents, relatives and visitors of the camp for all cakes, ice cream, croissants, cookies they brought us daily and were the cause for several pounds on us! Our camp thanks to you succeeded, after we sent our kids back to you with more pounds of food, sweets and joy! Christ reward you with sweetness! Thank you!


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