Fairies, 1st High School of Xanthi, Greece

Fairies in Andros
Mountain, feared the fairies that meets the crossroads at 12 noon or 12 at night, so no one went out of there lest somethingbad happen.
A tad but passed crossroads at 12 noon and stepped a fairy.
His leg remained short because fairy did spell.
So, growing up, his parents thought to go to the village priestto read it.
The priest gathered all the fairies in the house and with varioussacred words madethem talk.
So they told him that he had stepped a little fairy, butunfortunately could not be done, because he had killed a
The priest then began beating them, so they leave and go tothe roof of the house opposite and start dancing to the soundof the violin.
The villagers heard the songs and dances and terrified.
The kid, of course, until he died, had his leg and less peopletoday telling frightening stories of fairies and some still believe.
The voices of the lake xothion -Giannena
In bridges, maidens were sacrificed to the foundations, to theagerines arches erected them.
In lakes, xothies fall asleep and sing at night, having filled moon.
The lake, Akrolimnia xothia falls asleep.
If you see me fascinated theand lose your minds.
Is the moon sisterand water pnema.
It is the soul of the lake daughter of the wind.
– Calda xothies the lake, those who dynentai to listen …
They Calda to the of her, the lady says – Crystals in Ioannina.

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