Photos of sanctification in our school, 2nd Junior High School of Kalymnos -we wish you an active, healthy, happy, blessed school year!

Today, 11/09/2014 with the blessing that was officiated by Father Christopher Melas, vicar of holy Church of Agios Mamas, with the greetings of the President of the Parents Association and the admonitions and wishes of the Director of the Association of Teachers  the new school year is starting. Heartfelt wishes for all us, teachers and students, is to dive in the oceans of knowledge, to soar to the heights of virtue and to climb the mountains of learning to conquer high virgin peaks ! Enjoysome photoes of our school beginning

αγιασμός1 αγιασμός2


αγιασμός4 αγιασμός5 αγιασμός6 αγιασμός7  αγιασμός8 αγιασμός9 αγιασμός10


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