Mass meetings for Greek rights for a real life!

 Mrs Tsota Basilici sent us the following news, very interesting for the current activities in the light of the attitude of Greek people today.
1.- On Sunday the 15th of the month at 1 pm, solidarity gathering held in Trafalgar Square, London, on the right of the Greek people to turn the page on the economy.
Slogan of the event will be: “We are people, not numbers“:
– See more at:
silalitirio-londino-300x1652.- Mass meeting in Nimes, France with the slogan “We are all Greeks.” – See more at:

3.- Pallaiko Rally and Kalymnos day of trading Time citizens.

συλλαλητήριο καλυμνου
Mass meeting of kalymnos: a course of the country now enters an orbit, where for the first time a Greek government will stand up to the lenders and negotiate, not just the Greek debt, but the same dignity and survival of an entire people.

The moments are historic and responsible ones for the operation and future of Greece, who not only belongs to an elected government, but all the people, who for more than five years is the vice of the international financial oligarchy and banking capitalism.

The masses, who have experienced this tragic experience, not deserved, must be the spearhead of Greek policy and to demonstrate to all the squares and streets of the country, that will no longer allow the continuation of the slave regular, but require a national delegation to stand up to Brussels and to demand the rights of the people and the place.

The Greek government must negotiate, having at the side of the Greek people, united and determined not to allow the trampled dignity again, National Independence and that no haggle survival and future generations, which undermined by cynicism policies of national humiliation.

We are people, not numbersshould be the motto of every Greek, every Kalymnian, every free man, in every corner of the country and Europe, without preconceptions and unnecessary” partisan entrenchments.

The square of Kalymnos and each area should be a place of historic and peaceful revolution of the oppressed and impoverished Greeks and the principle of

The date of February 17, as a day of concentration is indicative and will be determined when we know the date of the conference.

The facebook page that calls the pallaiko rally is:

PULSE of Kalymnos

Posted by Thanasis Athanasiou


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