αρχαία ελληνική γλώσσα και υπολογιστές4

“To understand the subject will start with an example. Many of you will have seen science fiction in which it appears the crew of a space station talking to a computer «computer» and many times one can see that the computer is behaving logically omniscient and emotion. One could say that this really cannot happen and that is only the imagination of the authors.
The latest developments in microelectronics but promising, so pretty soon you get into computers function analogous to those known from science fiction movies.
The question is how you can make this possible.
Many know the progress of computer. In the 80s spread to the public the first commercial computer with enough time capabilities. Just over a decade after a continuous development of computers. The capabilities of the computer then “LV” is essentially useless at the moment that is now ubiquitous computers “AT” with processing speeds results in multiples. For example, while old for a particular series of calculations the computer you would like for example 1 minute, today only want a few seconds while evolving as you need less time to process a series of transactions.
The thing is this: that while the speeds of computers are increasing now seems lost in implementation. That we can say that the speed of computers at most five years will have reached a level to fully meet the needs of operators, enterprises, military, banks, etc. So then the question is what will need further development of computers. Here enters the term “expert system”. This is an old philosophy of computing purpose is to make the computer think have some reasonable answers to the (evolving programming the “expert system” can provide later on the computer the ability to learn from the mistakes made ​​and over time by collecting more information to improving). The “expert systems” are of course nowadays subdued character. The reason is that but rather to apply need computers with terrible speeds in order to process a plurality FIGURES answer before even a “dry” “YES” or “NO” to a series of questions and concerns of the operator. From the above, but that it is concluded that have been sent chronic longer subject to the occurrence of such computer (Note that already planned new generation of computers “ALPHA” with velocities of the order of thousand megahertz. “Can be compared with the current computer is just 100, 120 megahertz maximum).
But the problem that occurs even with a big SUPER COMPUTER is the language to communicate.
Prerequisite for the language to be applied is that you have the vocabulary, have the computer:
1 Full vocabulary
2 Each letter has only a single hearing
3 Each word has a meaning only REQUIRED.
4 For every meaning there is at least one word
5 Every word consists of syllables to the computer based on standard norms can edit and compose new words or the same words in another format (for example, closing a verb simply giving the word to the first person).
6 In the most advanced form this computer could give expression to some words have a feeling but always with the possibility of giving the vocabulary has to diathesis (for example if the computers is to say the word nice in Greek and programmed so that when you “see” “ω” to pronounce two “o” then listening to the computer operator understands the deeper “nice.” Even the “daseia”, the psili, the vareia tones, the undersigned, symbols nowadays not identify nothing in the expression of a word it is possible to give the computer the information it needs, not only to speak grammatically and syntactically correct and the right height).
(Please note that the contact with the computer operator will be mainly voice and no keyboard. Already in warplanes to facilitate the actions of the pilot, applied computer system which executes commands the pilot simply by salutation of this command. Now if one wonders how he will be speaking to inform you that your computer is already quite widespread and affordable special accessory computer which can make your computer to speak with fluent currently English accent).
With this entire last problem is to finally find this new ‘code’ vocabulary to be applied to this new generation of computers. Is it so difficult? Could it be the only language in the world which has all the above features is the full proficiency ANCIENT GREEK?
And indeed the Ancient Greek language is the only one:
i. It has the richest vocabulary of all languages ​​of the world
ii. Each letter has only one sound
iii. Each word has only one meaning
iv. Each word consists of roots sense.
v. The grammar and syntax are encoded in the form (with some exceptions). So it seems at least fairly simple computer programming based on these rules so that the computer can speak with correct grammar and syntax. For example, if we command the computer to give more volume to the pronunciation of a primed letter in a word, our eases from the definitions for all the words that have been registered to emphasize the word.
vi. The double letters (h (∞), or (ii), …, the diphthongs, accents (acute, grave, circumflex), spirits (thin, rough breathing), if entered in computer programming will give to him the ability to talking more with the right style, the right to have that expression.
Finally, we present an example in which a comparison is a Greek word in Greek and English.
In order to program the computer to pronounce the word «Athens» must first write the word «Athens» then to define that outlined in ‘A’ and not «e», then that “A” is pronounced “a” instead of “hey”, the «th», «i” and not “ts” or “what”, the «e», «e” and not “i” then to explain that one person and not for some city and then that other details to be able to express it properly.
In ancient Greek enough to type “Athena” and this indicates that the tone point accents, each letter has a unique acoustic sound and the word is unique and clearly define a person, while the spirit (fine) and type accent (tilde ) gives all the information about how to express.
So, finally we conclude that the original example from the science fiction television series, utopian in crew communication – computer talk is that the English language.
The ancient Greek language suggest that in the future will have international impact in the field of computers and then any other sector since all operators should be aware of the ancient Greek to communicate with computers. And if you still think that dependence on computers over time increases in each sector, makes us think that there will be sooner or later the time will be ANCIENT GREEK INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE. ”
COMMENT / NOTE: It is possible to give a computer all complexity circuits, true information to them to speak perfect English. Needless multiple time, to provide as much information on the time you provide the information that is already ready for the ancient Greek. In this case should the Greeks to engage in time to be the first to give computers our language. It is purely a matter of time.



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