With the camera on hand, Go ahead!

naos1 Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για εκκλησίες και τζαμιά

Dear Colleagues, Here in Kalymnos we live having on center of our lives our religion. So many children/students of ours have at their houses at town or country little churches at their yard. Because there are too many, we decided count them and make a goolge map of Kalymnos with the stories of these little churches. We also have religion monuments a lot and we will count them too. Have to your towns religion monuments? Do you want to count them too? My students suggest is naming this activity : “With the camera on hand, go ahead!. Do you like it? Please write everything you know about your town’s religion monuments and lets’ present them with every kind of web2.0 tools.


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