A few days ago we heard on TV for the group knitting “knit – SOLIDARITY”.

In our school we have already established a knitting group and from previous years we’ve braided trendy scarves, summer shawls and ornaments Easter candles. These were sold and we’ve bought an interactive board, two laptops and a projector to allow us to participate actively in European programs (etwinning).

As we have gained, then, by the participation of our team in projects that benefit the school and our fellowmen, we decided this year to help, the numerous refugees who arrive daily on our island, wet and without a second change of clothes, try get them warm clothes, scarves, gloves, socks and whatever is knited.We contacted the group “knit SOLIDARITY” via Facebook and expressed our willingness to offer and we follow suit. Our surprise was great from the prompt and courteous response of the members of this group. Some lady was willing to send our needles and wool to get materials. Some other suggested sending an interactive board. They moved us sincerely and deeply. Thanks in advance.

Also, we invited other students of our school and students of the 1st and 2nd Lyceum Kalymnos so through a fundraising to collect needles and wool to have enough material. Our female students volunteered to participate with touching eagerness. So, we meet at our school three times a week for half an hour after the end of the course and Saturday in the hostel of St. Theologos Church craves from 5-7mm. to be knit fellow.

We also invited and those mothers, grandmothers, women want to knit and to assist with the effort and the abundance of the heart of our work. Through this cooperation we want to offer love and warmth to all refugees who have a lot of great need in the drama that forced them to experience. Also tribute to refugees of all time.Finally, our movement is a gratitude offering refugees Syrians, when their ancestors, in the Second World War, helped our forefathers Kalymnos when they arrived refugees on their territories. “Then Kalymnian people saved with their many families from the hardships of war,” says author Kalymnos, Fanny hat. May God help those people and we, as humans, we promise we stand with all our might.

Here is the website that we opened in order to work systematically and effectively. There you will find information about our project  and our efforts.

Here we present our first creations – contributing efforts in the struggle of all people engaged in the difficult and demanding task offer solidarity to refugees.

κασκόλ-ομάδας1 κασκόλ-ομάδας2

Here is the photo of the review  :

εξώφυλο εφημερίδας ΜΑΚΕΔΟΝΙΑ

We hearthly thank the Group “KNITT FOR SOLIDARITY”, The newspaper “Makedonia”, the reporters mrs. Dimitra Tsampodimou and mrs. Maria Gourla, who did the interview with us at our school, and tv channel ET3 to showcase our humble disposal us to offer a minimum work too in this effort.
Best Regards of  the knitting group of the 2nd High School of Kalymnos and the responsible teacher Maria Panou


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