Refugees at Kalymnos – Wet tomb Aegean 100 young refugee children

By Sophia Z., B1

Wet tomb Aegean 100 young refugee children
Shocking images of the new wrecks with Kalymnos, Rhodes and Mytilene where a superhuman battle it out every day to save lives.

Wet tomb for at least 100 children have become the Aegean over the past two months in this unspeakable tragedy that is repeated almost every day.
According to a statement issued by the organization Save The Children, members participate in rescue operations, 69 children lost their lives attempting to cross from Turkey to Greece, in the period from 2 September to 26 October. In the gruesome list of the dead were added the last two 24 hour even 31 children and infants, who died seven shipwrecks that occurred in Kalymnos. Very harsh images-but tough it is the reality.
Two new wrecks
Two new shipwrecks occurred in Kalymnos with 21 dead.
Loaded refugees in a catamaran sinks
The Thursday night in the sea area between Kalymnos and Kalolimnos, capsized wooden boat in which, according to estimates, aboard more than 150 refugees. Immediately they began investigations of four boats of the Coast, floating of Frontex, helicopter Super – Puma and three fishing boats and so far rescued 138 refugees, while 18 corpses have been recovered, including at least nine children.
Investigations are continuing for missing persons, the exact number of which has not been established and there are fears that the victims will be more. In the area of ​​upwelling intensity northwesterly winds 5 Beaufort which complicates efforts port.
Also at midnight Thursday in the sea area north of Rhodes near the airport “Diagoras” Coast of the vessel identified and collected a six refugees and three dead, two children and one woman, while three others are ignored. The refugees that were collected were taken to hospital in Rhodes, where they are located.
Meanwhile in Ikaria the Coast rescued 51 refugees and arrested three foreigners traffickers.

Shocked Kalymnos
Another six bodies were immigrants-refugees identified and recovered Thursday in the sea area north Lesvos, while a girl one year hospitalized in Intensive ended Thursday night. Five more bodies were found this morning on the northwest coast of Kalymnos.
These three guys, one woman and one man, who was among the 40 missing persons (plus 33 missing persons.
Until the identification is not known whether they are dead by the large wreck Wednesday. Plus the number of victims of shipwrecks in October 28 Kalymnos stands at 18, including 12 children.

You can see photos at this article :

Υγρός τάφος το Αιγαίο για 100 νεκρά προσφυγόπουλα


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