Visit to refugees of the island!

Today December 23, 2015, after the church attendance of our school in Agios Mamas Church, our school’s knitting group visited at the place “Beach Kasonia”, accommodation of refugees on the island. We gave the knitted clothes we made, we met Mrs. Popi Charamanta she was responsible at that time, 11 the morning, and talked to us and showed us around the place that hosted, fed and get what need weary our guests to continue the Odyssey at their destination. Here is the video that we took, more for sharing with you this valuable experience. When we were leaving, we were met the family that stayed behind, leaving tonight with the ship, where all we could with heartfelt desire to tell them was “mer habar = hello”. Their eyes were saying their discomfort, their anxiety about the “after”, but also their kindness and their wish to say “thank you = sukra”, expressed  with no price in value. Then we visited the houses that have been placed in the harbor to accommodate their specific and precious people, refugees, our guests. They were empty and open and we took some pictures for you to see how hard some people at Kalymnos try to struggle on our Kalymnos to help. This is the speech of the video below. This is our way to tell our wishes from the group knitting the 2nd Gymnasium Kalymnos! Love, peace, health, God’s blessing let covers all of us every moment of our new year that His love is donating to us.

Our video:“>

Photos of knitting that we gave:

Photos of the Delegation of the knitting group: Chrissopigi P., The Nomiki Ts., Haroula P. Faneroula M. and pictures of guest houses on the island.


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