Who said that humanity does not live nowadays? Young people with new ideas show that love to the man who springs from love to God, for only then can one recognize the man worthy of love, invent possibilities of their fellow human beings without losing their dignity can purchase coffee, food, later maybe clothes. Dear fellows of me, glorify God! In an inhuman era, love of Newborn Jesus Christ who is now born in us daily, contradicting brokers of the devil, for alleged ruthlessness, despair, gloom, misery. Christ on earth, Ypsothite!

On this video they all started. A spontaneous thought that was implemented by a group of young people with love Mrs alone. We now alongside our thousands of friends and groups throughout Greece with only one Mr. target … solidarity and confidence to become our daily habit. We wish for 2016 that we all have our health and not have no fellow man waiting for anything. Our friends Happy New Year !!! You can suggest it to your countries too!!!“>


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