A Receipt of finished knitting works by the Elderly Ladies of Tripoli for refugees of Kalymnos!

Very excited and happy the knitting group of the 2nd Junior High School of Kalymnos, Dodecanese, Greece, received today, January 21, 2016, the parcel sent us by the  ladies of KAPI of Tripolis Peloponese, and those belonging to the group of knitwear SOLIDARITY FACEBOOK like us. Knitted them placed “always in class and very good organised” placed in transparent bags with tag describing what it contains each gives us a chance to visit until Saturday the refugees who are currently in our Kalymnos and supply them with such necessary warm clothes. The package containing:

Caps medium 33
Caps oversized 9
Small Caps 10
Caps for very large 18
Caps for older children 18
Set caps and scarves 6
scarf 12
necks 6
Necks large size 9
vests Children 3
tights gloves and socks Jacket 1 child
terlikia pairs 2
shoes and slippers for Children

Many thanks to the ladies who braided and sent us so lovingly knitted them why we sent them to divide our female students to refugees here, to rejoice as he said their representative, because now they learn and the courses do not have time to make too much to respond immediately to the demanding needs of the people who come daily to the island. Once the divide will send photos with the works of their hands to enjoy and those and take courage to continue the good fight with more, if possible, fervor.
Enjoy the pictures:


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