The knitting group of the 2nd Junior High School of Kalymnos at work!

Every Saturday in the Room of Sunday School of Saint Theologian at Pothia, above the new hostel, which the parish priest of the Church, Father Nicholas Kazavoulis gave us kindly, we meet the knitting group of the 2nd High School of Kalymnos and in laughter and joyful atmosphere we learn to knit caps, scarves, gloves, jackets to dress Christ in every person who visits as a refugee at often squalid conditions  our island.
In our group we are all supporters of our school reinforce with wool, needles, especially as we were told our students of the first grade, knit prayers to God for  warming the hearts of those suffering from the plight of refugees and for leading these people into safe harbors perspective a happy and dignified life.
Enjoy our students’ golden hands knitting caps!

Here is our new … collection of our knitwork :

  1. The three first are made by our teacher
  2. cap-doll blue by Nomiki Ts., A3
  3. cap-red-white by Michalitsa Al., A2
  4. cap – blue by Nomiki Ts., A3
  5. cap-yellow-doll by Maria Fr., A3
  6. cap purple-pharao colours with azour needle work by Chrisopigi R., A3
  7. scarve red-white with azour needlework by Irene Sideri, C3
  8. scarves blue and grey by grandmother of Charoula P., Katerina.

You are welcome join our team knitting group, offering wool, knitting needles and prayers for all our refugees!


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