Awarded “honorary”!

The Union of Associations of Parents of Pupils Kalymnos awarded Sunday, January 31, 2016 awarded “honorary” praise the team of the 2nd Gymnasium Kalymnos “knitted Love Refugee”, “for the precious occasion of humanitarian offer due to cutting the Pie, in the auditorium of the 1st Kalymnos Gymnasium “Nikiforeio”.

By sending a thank-you speech the head of the program said:

“We thank the Association of Parents of Students Kalymnos has strengthened the work of female students of the” knitted with love for refugees”. Our aim is to learn to actually love humans without discrimination on language, race, color, religion. To work hands and mind to dress with love, warmth, pleasure fellows do not know but already love!

We became a member of the group “knit Solidarity”. Members of the ladies of the Elderly Tripoli to our great emotion with sensitivity and love sent us about 100 knitted tomorrow will distribute 55 children refugees in houses that accommodated temporarily. We are grateful.

Also a lady from Patras sent us 25 dolls wool, a lady from Athens 20 dolls wool, from the bargain that we got 10 other dolls wool, a total of 55 dolls wool. We were 12. Please reinforce those who want not with money but with a wool doll that will bring in the 2nd Gymnasium. So we can knit as we can. Thank you very much for the opportunity to speak to you of our efforts. ”

έπαινος ένωσης γονέων


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